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    How long have you been struggling / diagnosed with PTSD and what help have you gotten?

    The "changing the brain" concept is kind of lost on me- I accept that we are changed by trauma, for sure, but each of us in unique big ways, and as a group in measurable but not entirely reliable or repeatable ways. I had hepatitis C until I did the regimen and cleared it in 2005. People I told...
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    How long have you been struggling / diagnosed with PTSD and what help have you gotten?

    I have probably had PTSD since age 11 (47 years) but the diagnosis is more like 12 years now. Lots of talk and a laundry list of ssri's for most of that time without a lot of change, but it set me up for being able to recognize my own symptoms and helped zero in on the effective treatments. I am...
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    why do i do this?

    I remember doing this after several of my events, while my brain was "processing" the event. In reality it was not getting the job done and as long as that side road was there and tempting me to explore it, the bus had a tendency to take the off ramps. I also remember that during times of high...
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    News Worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus (covid-19)

    I think the US lack of adherence to social distancing and mask-wearing guidelines isn't about personal freedoms being infringed or even a lack of leadership on the matter. On a national level you can for sure argue that the examples set by the leadership and the rhetoric about masks being...
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    Research An Interesting Report on The Use Of Psychoactive drugs for Treatment Of PTSD

    It was interesting how they reportedly can reach us when we have a total lack of ego because of the effects of the drug. We can answer their questions more truthfully and give the therapist a better idea of how to uproot some of the deeper stuff. I know that in my own case I have a hard time...
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    Research An Interesting Report on The Use Of Psychoactive drugs for Treatment Of PTSD

    Yes, the report I listened to stressed mindset and setting. The drug was only used after several one hour sessions with no drugs, and then in an uninterrupted 8 hour or more session.
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    Help establishing a sense of safety

    I have a few experiences I can call up and almost get there in all of my senses, almost escape into fully, not like a PTSD Dissociation, but a guided re-entry into a happy and safe place I have been and remember well. My best and easiest one? The split second of leaving shore in a small boat...
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    Research An Interesting Report on The Use Of Psychoactive drugs for Treatment Of PTSD

    National Public Radio is broadcasting a story about the use of controlled substances for PTSD treatment. If you can Access NPR online you should be able to find it. I was aware that there were studies about the use of ketamine and MDMA ,also Psyllocybin and THC. Anyone who isn't going to listen...
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    News Worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus (covid-19)

    talk about being on the frontline- on a resume it would read "I exposed myself to god knows what, relying on the cooperation of people that were sometimes influenced by their own politics to give me a hard time for doing my job, trying all the while to keep all of my coworkers and our customers...
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    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    out of nowhere I just got a Ritchie Havens tune "Follow". Rare enough to comment on, always willing to catch one from that guy. Lurking on Spotify daily mix, thanks spotify! What a poet, stand and deliver!
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    Ask a foreigner

    I asked about the term journeyman when I was given the title and it had something to do with finishing the apprenticeship and being kicked to the curb to make room for the next apprentice in line. You had to journey to the next place you could sell your skills. As a journeyman machinist (I am a...
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    News Worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus (covid-19)

    He was a pretty good surgeon- I had to accept his opinion. When I called an advice nurse I was told to watch it and see if it went up or down and it was all over for awhile but went down without getting too high, 99-100 low grade I think I remember, it's been awhile. First responder training was...
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    News Worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus (covid-19)

    I know thats a scary number BUT it isn't uncommon for post op and with the margin of error of the stupid digital thermometers out there I can understand the blasé response from the doc, a little bit. What he should have done is explain that your body is doing what it thinks it is supposed to do...
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    What is "Rage" as a behavior or symptom?

    for me, rage is a fifth or tenth emotion in a list of precursor emotions. I know it may appear that a person flies into a rage, but you can bet that inside lots of emotional dominoes have been knocked over by then. Anger plus adrenaline doesn't equal rage, not for me anyway, but by the time I am...
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    EMDR Self-Techniques

    yes, there is a peace of mind that is part of EMDR, a "happy" place has to be established and it is important to have ways to get there after a troubling event is conjured up in therapy. Tapping, bilateral music, aromatherapy, lots of ways to lead your brain back through the maze to a safe place...
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    EMDR Self-Techniques

    oh hell no. there are some things i do on my own, lots in fact, and some of them i learned from t's that were emdr certified, but emdr is not one of them. it is a very specific treatment that i would not recommend doing alone, or even with a less than experienced t. ask me how i know. if you are...
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    Family-cutting ties

    had to make the call and caught myself looking back a few times. But I know, if I think about it long enough, that it was the best thing to do. Guilt comes as a part of the human condition, the desire to be included in the group and not an outcast goes way back to our very first thoughts as...
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    Is this a form of self injury?

    I work with guys. the break table is usually just mindless chatter trying to make each other laugh. Sometime its about knucklehead shit our kids have done, and then it's "Sherman, set the wayback machine to 1973" and we all tell tales of stupid stuff we somehow survived. Been that way...
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    Is this a form of self injury?

    I can relate a bit. I was accused of having a "death wish" as a teen but in reality it was more like a total disconnect between action and consequence, and thats pretty common when the frontal lobes havent fully developed. I was pretty damn sure that accidents happened to other people and having...
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    Current Weather

    air quality has deteriorated 2 straight days now. fires are to the East and normally thats only bad for the people farther east, our typical windy day here is a push from the south or west. Change that to dry conditions, low humidity and a strong easterly wind and....we get once in a decade fire...
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    Groceries in the time of covid

    I made a map. I can get through in one pass if I do it right. I made a checklist that has the items in the order I would find them if I follow the map through the store. I go when there are fewer people (early weekdays and never in the first week of a month) and take along wipes so I can...
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    I’m changing my name.

    I checked in here because I hoped you were taking suggestions for a new name. Lilly and Luna are both great names. I have always had a thing for women with unique names or nicknames, if for no other reason than it made the conversation easier to start. And if they looked bored repeating it, I...
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    Family Loyalty

    I have no family loyalty, my siblings and I are scattered and I am not even aware of their locations or status. My parents are dead, my stepmother is a living corpse somewhere. MY family is my wife and kids and their kids and I would do anything for them. I will do anything to keep them from...
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    What do you wish you'd been taught about money as a kid?

    I learned about money as a kid but the hard way as I had pretty much left home at 14. First thing-work equals money equals food and rent. Easy money was the best, hard earned money was steady but made everything else less available. I hit the streets in the mid seventies and it was what we now...
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    How to deal with bullies - Your advice and experiences.

    The number of workplace bullies is amazing isn't it? I personally have dealt with a few, I am betting most everyone has. When I think of the words I have heard come out of their mouths and try to imagine what it would feel like to have those same words come out of my mouth...well I guess I am...