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  1. LuckiLee

    Is sleeping avoidance?

    Or a coping mechanism? Or a symptom? Depression? I'm pretty sure I asked about this before. J can sleep an entire day away. It is usually a Saturday, after his 40 hour work week. It's almost 6:30 p.m. and he's been sleeping since last night. He woke up and ate a piece of pizza and use the...
  2. LuckiLee

    High point/low point

    What was the high and low of your day? My high point was hearing my Dad laughing at the dumb "Dad Jokes" book I got him. Music to my ears. My low was seeing J sad because his kids didn't call him today. We knew they wouldn't but it is still heartbreaking.
  3. LuckiLee

    Did you choose a specific breed of dog?

    I'm just wondering if you chose a certain type of dog. And why? Or did you just fall in love? We want to get a puppy so we can train him/her as we need to. I'm unsure if we will need a "service dog" (I can't see J taking a SD into a restaurant although stranger things have happened) or just a...
  4. LuckiLee

    Silly ptsd conversations

    This is just something J and I thought was hilarious. No one IRL would think it's funny but I wanted to share it with people who "get it". As we were watching Vikings one of the characters gets stranded on a deserted island... J: If you were stranded on a deserted island I would come save you...
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    Too much sleep?

    Is there such a thing as "too much sleep"? J has literally slept the entire weekend away. He's also slept the last few Saturdays away too. And I'm not sure if I should be worried about it. I know his stress cup is very full right now. His job is good and he and I are doing well but he has some...
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    Need a job?

    I hope it's ok to post this. PCSI (Professional Contract Services Inc.) A non-profit that puts people with (all kinds of) disabilities to work. They're headquarters are in Texas but they have multiple offices across the Nation. If you're struggling to find employment that understands your...
  7. LuckiLee

    What did you do for fun today?

    It was really hot out today so J and I floated on our floaties (not sure what anyone else calls them?) in our little lake for about an hour when we got home from work. J wears swim fins and propells us all around. He gets going pretty fast sometimes. Someone asked us if we had a motor. J just...
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    Dom Violence Domestic violence

    I just have to get this off my chest... In the last six months three young women I work/worked with have been shot (yes, with a gun) by their S/O. They all survived, thank heaven. I work in the suburbs of Detroit and alot of people from the city have to come north for employment. These women...
  9. LuckiLee

    General Left a supporters group.

    I recently joined and left a FB group for supporters of combat veterans with ptsd. I was amazed by the sure stupidity of some of these women. Some have been in relationships for years and have absolutely no clue how trauma and ptsd changes the brain and the individual. The majority of the...
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    Do people withdrawal from one medicine when changed to another? They changed my guys meds and he's having a very hard time with it. Any suggestions. He's starting a rehab program on the 27th.
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    Do you tell the truth in therapy?

    Like the title says, do you tell the truth in therapy? My guy is trying to get his military pension and also his SSDI. And I don't think he tells his doctors how bad his PTSD affects him. (he says he is truthful with them). But I have my suspicions. Why wouldn't you be truthful? Weakness?? Hope...
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    The PTSD Public Service Announcement thread

    Do not. I repeat do not tailgate someone you know is a veteran!! If they display any Service emblem on their car?? Do not tailgate!!! FFS!! What would your PSA (Public Service Announcement) be?
  13. LuckiLee

    My bff was diagnosed yesterday. What did you need from friends?

    One of my bff's was diagnosed with PTSD yesterday. I know she's been in a couple of abusive relationships so I'm guessing that's where her trauma originates. She told me because she said I would understand. I've told her about the book The body keeps the score. What else should I share with her...
  14. LuckiLee

    Hey, Veterans -Compensation via Employment Office

    Did you know there's something called compensation?? We didn't. My guy was going through the VA to get disability with NO luck. Today he went to the employment office and they helped him more than anyone. Ever! So if you're not working or unable to work effectively go talk to the Veteran rep...
  15. LuckiLee

    How did you decide to go on disability?

    My guy has been having a really bad time for about 2 months with depression. And since 9-11 it's gotten scary. He hates everything about himself right now and he's not "snapping" out of it. He would normally have a bad week here and there then start back on the upswing. This is different...
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    Is there only 2 forums for supporters now? Discussion and member diaries?
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    Relationship Their dysfunctional families

    How do you deal with their dysfunctional families? J's family continues to overflow his stress cup and i get the fallout. I'm at a loss how to deal with it. Any and all advice is welcome. Thanks! As an example...his brother is an alcoholic. J gets a call at 1 a.m from the bar owner where his...
  18. LuckiLee

    Military Cpl. william p. draughon - judge finds va negligence led to vet’s suicide

    This is a very sad story unfortunately it's common. This young man (28yo) suffered from PTSD, alcoholism, and was also suicidal after a tour to Iraq. He reached out to the VA and hit obstacle after obstacle. He was in and out for treatment a few times. His parents sued the U.S. government for...
  19. LuckiLee

    General Hypervigalance 101

    J walked me through his thought process about hypervigalance last night. We were watching tv and he had to use the restroom. When he came back into the living room he was panicked. He's told me about shadows and dark corners so I know his concern about those. The house is never completely...
  20. LuckiLee

    What do you do for fun?

    We sometimes get so wrapped up in PTSD we forget to have fun. My guy and I play alot of games. Yahtzee, clue, card games and I love kicking his butt in battleship! We also love getting outdoors all year. I'll research parks in our area and like to go to ones we've never been to. Pack a lunch...
  21. LuckiLee

    General Should i address this situation?

    Ok. Just a little info first. My guy is a combat veteran with PTSD. We've been together 5 years. He's been in therapy for 4 years. I've been on this forum for about a year which is basically my therapy. Thanks for all your help! ;) Anyways J's sister is in town. With all of her dysfunction...
  22. LuckiLee

    Military Different types of therapy

    Hi guys! How is everyone? We've been having a difficult time around here lately. No need to get into the details right now. My guy has been in talk therapy for almost 5 years now. Group and individual therapy. However, I do see improvements but some things haven't changed. He has alot of...
  23. LuckiLee

    Emerg Services No jail time

    No jail time for Bowe Bergdahl. That pisses me off so bad. WTH was the judge thinking? People died trying to save this traitors ass. FUBAR
  24. LuckiLee

    Heard any good / bad jokes lately?

    I'll start. What's brown and sticky? A stick. :) I hope everyone has a good laugh today. XO
  25. LuckiLee

    Military Insurance

    Hi Everyone! This is probably a strange question but... For any Veterans out there what is the cheapest car insurance you've found? Thanks in advance! Hope you're all enjoying your Labor day weekend.