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    Getting More Depressed

    I've been depressed, more so recently. I've been neglecting my responsibilities, sleeping too much, not talking to my friends, and the hobbies I once had seem to just stress me out instead of bringing me joy like they once did. Most of these symptoms are more recent developments. Does anyone...
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    News Maple heights police searching for missing man with ptsd, dementia

    Maple Heights police searching for missing man with PTSD, dementia I hope he is found soon.
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    News First responders applaud new initiative to offer ptsd benefits

    First responders applaud new initiative to offer PTSD benefits Link Removed Yay, I hope other places follow.
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    News Ptsd after injury increases risk for hypertension in military service members

    PTSD after injury increases risk for hypertension in military service members Interesting. Impossible to know...
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    News Navy investigates surfing as a way to counteract ptsd

    Navy investigates surfing as a way to counteract PTSD Interesting. I guess any exercise and sunshine is good. Does anyone here surf and if so do you find it helpful?
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    News Study finds greater attention to surprise in veterans with ptsd

    Study finds greater attention to surprise in veterans with PTSD I'm not a veteran but I have PTSD. That sounds about right for me.
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    News Wounded veterans play with dolphins for a day to fight ptsd

    Wounded Veterans Play With Dolphins for a Day to Fight PTSD Dolphins, interesting. I would think other animals would be more therapeutic but whatever works I guess.
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    News Important facts about ptsd that might save you from a misdiagnosis

    This is pretty basic but will post it anyway for the newbies. Out of curiosity, was anyone misdiagnosed with depression?
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    Panic Attacks Without Triggers?

    I've been thinking about my trauma daily, especially when I'm at college. Nothing really triggers me but it seems as soon as I walk into the classroom I begin pancaking and have to leave. My psychiatrist seems to find it strange nothing is triggering me to think about my abuse to cause the...
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    Sexual Assault He's In My Mouth Again :(

    I can feel him, like a body memory. This happens a lot but I'm really nervous more about it because I seem to be having Acid Re-flux and I'm scared they are going to want to stick a camera down me and that would just make me flip out. Also have been avoiding the dentist for a few years and...
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    Poll Can You Dissociate On Purpose If You Wanted To?

    I can induce it to help escape the pain if I want. Can anyone else do this?
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    Can A Trauma T Help This?

    At this point I feel like I need my abuser to function. Though he causes me great distress I still need him because he meets some of my basic needs. Also I'm afraid of change. Is this normal for trauma? Is this something for a trauma therapist or better for another kind of therapist? I...
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    Exposure Therapy Questions

    I've been to various therapists for PTSD but I don't think I've ever done exposure therapy. I keep reading about it here. I'm a sexual abuse survivor. Does this mean an exposure therapist would start talking about sexual abuse and expect me to eventually be okay with it? Because sexual abuse...
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    Sexual Assault Blaming Myself For My Butt Rape/attempted Rape

    I'm a sexual assault survivor. One time I was either anally raped or almost anally raped (the memories are foggy). I'm kind of mad at myself for not just pooping on my abuser to get him to leave me alone. Terrible nightmare about this last night, that seems to be what triggered this. It...
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    Nightmare Is Bugging Me.

    I dreamt I went shopping and found this plaque I was going to get for my wall. It said something along the lines of "the best thing you can do for a survivor of sexual abuse is to be there for them when it happens". It got me thinking no one was there for me. I was 4 when it happened, I...
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    Missing My Therapist

    I'm fighting to get my insurance to pay for my therapist. Therefore, I haven't seen her in about 3 weeks and I'm struggling. I'm depressed. I'm also anxious about a test I have tomorrow, what if I'm too depressed to take it or do well? I had to fight really hard not to hurt myself last...
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    Sexual Assault 3 Poems About My Sexual Assault

    Graphic The Bullet There was a gun But it wasn’t fired There was a penis And it was fired Into my vagina But it hurt like a bullet I consider his penis A bullet That he shot me with So there was Some sort Of bullet fired After all Being a slut I’m a stupid horny slut An...
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    How Do I Explain To My Mother That I Just Can't Get Over My Ptsd?

    Lately, my mother has been saying things in reference to my PTSD such as "put it in the box, move on" and "just stop thinking about it". She never used to do this, I think she thinks I should be over it by now. But I'm not. I've told her to please stop but she claims she is just trying to be...
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    Does Breathing Into A Paper Bag Really Help Panic Attacks?

    I do start to hyperventilate when I have them. I want to try this but I think I'd feel a little silly doing it in public. But I guess I shouldn't care what others think.
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    I Wish I Was Dead

    My therapist doesn't want me to talk about my trauma anymore, she thinks I'm obsessing over it. (I do have OCD). My mother is pressuring me into reporting my abuse. My father doesn't seem to get PTSD. I feel like I have no support. I have constant panic attacks. This is no way to live. I...
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    Sufferer Newbie

    Hi, I remembered a childhood trauma (sexual assault) a few years ago and was diagnosed with PTSD. I've been really struggling lately. Don't know what else to say.