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    Sleepwalking or Dissociation?

    Has anyone questioned if they have sleepwalked or dissociated? Is the sleep study in adults able to accurately assess if an adult with PTSD has been prone to sleepwalking in the past? There is research to suggest that PTSD hyper-vigilance causes part of the brain to remain alert during sleep...
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    DID Accuracy of Traumatic Memory Flashbacks with DID

    My PhD T said that for the most part, Flashbacks to Traumatic memories themselves contain fairly accurate memory content that can be trusted as far as it was encoded, but that's as far as it can go, and that any attempt to "fill in the blanks" should be avoided, as that can create memory...
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    Relationships and Happiness

    Relationships are so important for those with severe, chronic PTSD from child abuse. If you agree, please stay in therapy and rule out Dissociative Disorders with someone who specializes in it; that is my advice today. Why? Mine was never caught because the questions on the SCID-D are not...
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    Study Mdma assisted therapy phase 3 program study approved by usa's fda

    Phase 3 Program: MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD According to the Phase 2 data, 68% of those who participated in a 3-day MDMA assisted intensive with a trauma-trained therapist experienced enough remission of PTSD to no longer qualify as having PTSD. This treatment was targeted towards...
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    Abuser Died. How Long Will Others Sing His Praises On Facebook?

    I just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on this. I was told by my T. years back that since I was processing the trauma from my father that it is "like a death" actually to grieve. She also said that when he died, I would be better off than others because I've already grieved the loss of a...
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    Dysfunctional Families: "don't Rock The Boat"

    In addition to the abuse, My family was very dysfunctional. They would likely be a slightly more severe form of dysfunction. One of my T's could predict very quickly how it was at home just based on the sexual abuse because of the fact that it goes within Dysfunctional family. I wonder if this...
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    Disney 60-day Disability Accommodations

    Just wanted to share this as a couple other members have mentioned Disney. I found out that if you go to Guest Relations at the entrance of the park, you can fill out a registration form and they will determine if you qualify for "no standing in line" accommodations. Since I have been...
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    Abusive Father Died: Will Amnesic Sibs Remember?

    I know it's a dumb question nobody can answer with any degree of certainty, but nonetheless, I am trying to be emotionally prepared for my siblings to perhaps begin to suffer from flashbacks of the abuse now the abusive father just died. I have read that some remember when strong enough, some...
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    Vulnerable Times To Flashback

    After having years of PTSD without significant flashbacks, with more dissociation (amnesia, blackouts, zombie, no hunger, disconnected from my body, etc) only to enter a very active flashback phase for some times, I am curious about what happens in a person to make them vulnerable to such a...
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    Confusing A Panic Attack And Medical Emergency

    I went to the ER because I woke up from a nap after feeling very tired suddenly mid-day on a Saturday. Upon waking, I felt a shortness of breath that I have been feeling and associated with a health problem (I'm female, otherwise sort of healthy, 39). It progressed to major hyperventilation...
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    Punished For Being Nice

    Is this just how it feels being PTSD? Am I way off? I pushed myself to go outside my comfort zone with my spouse in loving ways. He never said anything positive until after he blew up at me while I was waiting on him hand and foot by way of acknowledging the bad timing. It's like "I scratch...
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    When Your Good Marriage Isn't

    What happens when your spouse's occasional darkness starts to be their main gig and you hardly recognize them as someone who loves you and helped you through your darkest hour? When life has been unfair or they haven't had any luck, and they seem to have nothing ahead of them or behind them...
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    Thanks To This Forum...valentine's Day 2017

    Please join me in thanking the moderators, Anthony and Nicolette for all they do to make this forum the wonderful site that it is. Happy Valentine's Day :singing::joyful::inlove:
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    Canine Companions For Independence (cci) Takes On Ptsd

    I am getting this information second-hand from a spokeswoman volunteer working for CCI. She said they recently expanded their operations with PTSD in mind and especially veterans, but also just PTSD. I was told that anyone with a disability on the list can apply, and that the dog and...
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    Still Small Flame In The Dark

    This is a thread about the parts of your life with PTSD that require you to guard or carry a still, small flame in the dark. There are parts of the self or the life that require attention. And the flame can be snuffed out many times, but somehow you find a way to light it again.
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    Flashbacks Leading To Other Things

    This is weird, but having had lots of childhood trauma, I feel like weird is normal for me. I've had lots of vivid flashbacks to trauma. Some are partial of the same event, and then come back with full on physical feelings that its happening along with even more of the memory. Those are very...
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    Shortness Of Breath...difficulty Talking

    Is it common for young PTSD (30's) sufferers in good physical condition to not be able to speak after walking only a few yards due to shortness of breath lasting longer than 20 minutes a few minutes after the short walk? I am trying to figure out if this is due to PTSD or if I need to be...
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    Therapy Is Not Helpful To Me, But Do I Need It For Documentation?

    I have not found any meds or therapy helpful to me in my PTSD recovery at all. I also do not like going to therapy because enough of my life has been wasted on the trauma. What I think helps me is self-care, a positive way of doing exposure therapy on myself, and talking about what has come up...
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    Research Riluzole Or Ketamine?

    I am a chronic, lifetime PTSD sufferer about to turn 40. Damned if I don't do something to help find a decent treatment of any kind. Yoga was helpful to me in feeling better overall during a time of almost remission, but gave me massive headaches. I'm not sure why. SSRI's made me feel...
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    Don't Know What This Is

    Today was the last day at work for a while. Sorry if I can't write full sentences while I struggle with this. I do much better within a routine. As a routine is ending, I sort of don't know what to do? I feel a sort of big ??? inside me. So I got a headache that started out small and became...
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    T Told Me To Disclose Ptsd To Someone At Work

    Not the boss or employer, per se, but a confidant or coworker. I felt like she meant to just connect with a trusted coworker. She said it's important for several reasons (to have a supporter at work) to reduce stress. My current workplace has triggered me in some unexpected ways, as a teacher...
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    Co-worker Cut His Hair And Now Resembles An Attacker

    Usually, when I break why someone is a trigger down, it comes down to one thing about the physical appearance, especially if the appearance suddenly has been altered. Suddenly my boss is wearing a neck tie, was one case. My brain registers a similarity to my attackers that I don't, on a...
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    Going Into Fight Mode During Nightmare

    I've heard of combat vets with PTSD patrolling or going into fight mode and actually punching/kicking in their sleep or upon waking from nightmares. How many complex, childhood trauma/abuse survivors also have this? In my case, it gets triggered by my "Momma Bear" sense of needing to defend...
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    Research Frustrated By Ptsd Data

    As I research PTSD today, I come across multiple instances of statistics that don't reflect my reality living with chronic PTSD. According to Mark Erickson, in a talk he gives as psychiatrist, here: SBNI Lunch Lecture Series - The Neurobiology of PTSD Many people experience a trauma and...
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    Childhood What Is Not Okay To Expose A Kid To Regarding Death And Dying?

    My parents exposed me to so much that I now realize was not good for me and I could not handle, besides early physical, sexual, emotional, and spiritual abuse. Add making us watch close up recordings and narrations of surgery (on TV) while eating dinner. I often felt severe nausea. I got them...