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    Hanging on by a thread

    Hello, I am hanging onto life by a thread. My PTSD and DID symptoms are really bad right now and I am fighting off the urge to end everything. I have been inpatient twice within the past month and I am waiting on a bed at a specialized inpatient facility. I am trying so hard to hold on in hopes...
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    Sheppard Pratt Trauma Disorders Program Questions

    1) is it hard to get in? What do they look for? Do they deny people? 2) What is a typical day like? Schedule and general flow? 3) How long do people stay there?
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    Other OSDD Questions

    1. Does anyone have pretty good ideas of their alters? Names/ages/likes/dislikes? I do and I feel like I am making it up... 2. What all did you have to do before being diagnosed? My therapist mentioned it and wants me to fill out some questionnaires. 3. When did you first realize that you aren't...
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    Sexual Assault Trying to find some answers/closure

    So at age 12 I was "sexually assaulted" by a female cousin who made me do sexual acts and went as far as to force objects inside me. My question is this: is that considered rape? I don't know why I want to know but it seems like it might have been? ALSO At age 17 I was "sexually assaulted" by my...
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    ED Eating disorder?

    Anyone else here trying to recover from an ED? Also, anyone else here think their ED is due to their trauma?
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    What Is On Your Mind Right This Second?

    ...mine is my therapy session tomorrow... I almost don't wanna go.
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    I am supposed to be starting EMDR sometime soon and I was just wondering a few things... 1) how many sessions is typical? 2) I've read that some therapists do tapping but I am weird about people touching this an optional thing? 3) do things get worse before they get better? 4) do you...
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    Sexual Assault Was This Rape?

    Okay so I am very nervous, as this is the first time I am telling my story. I was 17 and hanging out at my boyfriend's house. We had just gotten done playing some video games when he seemed a bit off. He walked over and turned off the light and proceeded to walk back over to me. He kissed me and...