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    (Not) Finding a Job

    Hi. This sounds a lot like my situation. My degree is pretty useless, or maybe I am just too dumb to turn it into something better. I am employed (well, underemployed) but have had a heck of a time over the last year and a half or so. Between the ptsd and depression and now Corona (I have been...
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    Anyone else feel weird on Zoloft? UPDATE: Trying again...

    Yes. When I first started, it really messed with me. I would get super sleepy and tired and would start falling asleep on my feet. Then I switched to taking it in the evening and that was okay until the dose was increased...Then I started having stomach issues (the runs ...yikes)...SO then we...
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    Relationship Hypersexuality

    Sorry to read you're going through this. She sounds like she may have bipolar or even BPD - though obviously, I am not a mental health pro...Just that someone I love(d)did some very similar things and yet on good days this was the most caring person. But a pattern of short term, mostly abusive...
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    Therapists - What has been your therapist experience?

    Some people who've been on this site for a while may know my struggles with finding the right kind of help. My initial experiences were not at all encouraging and I found myself giving up on therapy altogether. When I was at my worse, I was still at school and I saw a rotating door of...
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    I just started Zoloft and I just wondered did it help anyone??

    Yeah, definitely talk to your doctor. Sometimes these side effects go away with time but sometimes it just turns out it's not the right medication for you. Everyone's body is different. One other thing that has happened to me a few times, is that I have a few forgetfulness issues. Might not...
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    I just started Zoloft and I just wondered did it help anyone??

    I am currently on it. Initially I had pretty bad side effects, so he lowered my dose and added Welbutrin. The latter made things worse and I was too zonked to do anything so he stopped Welbutrin and continued me on the lower dose of Sertraline (Zoloft). But I find it's not as effective after the...
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    How does anyone ever get sleep on Wellbutrin?

    I was briefly on it...along with Zoloft (Sertraline) and I was really zonked out during the day. Having said that, nights were not too restful but then they never have been. I can't remember the exact dose I was on definitely 100+. I was only on it for a few weeks though.
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    Zoloft Side Effects After 9mo Off & Starting Again

    Hi. I am on this. I had small side effects when I first started on 25mg and different sets as the dose increased. At 50mg and 75mg, I would get really dizzy/sleepy. At 100 and 125mg, I had stomach issues (the runs...yuck!). But yes, the side effects take several hours to kick in. I used to...
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    Sertraline up dose?

    Hi. I am on this too. What they did for me is they started me off on 25mg, then gradually increased to 50 (and I would initially get sleepy), then to 75 (really, really sleepy), then to 100 and finally 125mg (stomach issues as side the point where I couldn't stay at/go to work)...
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    Difficulties with crying

    Not much of a cryer either. I didn't cry through all the crap that happened. And I hardly ever cry now., though lately I do cry for some things, sometimes (eg something sad that happens to to her people or to animals: but never about my stuff. Not sire if that's weird or not. I hope you get to...
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    extreme overwhelming anger

    Hi there. Yes. This happens to me too. Even if it's a couple of people tryi g to say something to me at the same time, I lose it. It almost goes exactly the way you described. Sometimes I break things too. I also get a lot of physical ailments too... From headaches, to colds, to my asthma...
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    What does your therapist do if/when you’re unable to speak?

    Not sure that I can be too helpful here as I have the same issue. One of my previous therapists suggested I email her some of it and I was able to even though I was shaking and it was full of typos etc. But, now, with the shrink, I have the same problem. So I end up talking about other issues I...
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    Sufferer New Here, Not New to This? Childhood Trauma & Living Through Civil War

    Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you've gone through a lot. You've come to the right place.
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    Is it possible to have a flashback when you didn’t witness the event first hand?

    One thing I thought of, and you certainly don't have to answer if you are not up to it, do you maybe have feelings of guilt re your mom's death (I don't mean that you are actually guilty in any way, just feeling so) and if so, I wonder if maybe that could be contributing to the intrusive...
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    I avoid people , i push them away , no family no friends although i need them

    Hi! I get the sense that there is more to your story that you either don't feel comfortable sharing or maybe wish to share at a later time etc. I'm with everyone here in terms of the self-diagnosis...It's really not a good idea and, long term, will do more harm than good. That's not to say you...
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    Husbands and suicide threats

    Haven't had a chance to read the whole thread but generally, this is a tactic abusers use in order to get what they want.
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    Do people who gaslight ever stop?

    Wow...this sounds so much like the situation one of my close friends is in. And, as everyone has already said, no, he won't stop. I have never met my friend's boyfriend (I refuse to)...but the first time I met her after not having contact for well over 6 months, the way she talked about him...
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    Poll Who Pays For Your Psychotherapy?

    I'm in the same boat
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    Steinberg Depersonalization Test

    49...Sigh...still along way to go
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    Closeness in therapy moment

    I always operate on the assumption that whatever the therapist is specializing in is the thing that they themselves are/were messed up with. Having said that, even then, not all are maybe my assumption is bad lol Staying with the thread, I'm with @Stephernovas...They need to...
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    News Doctor-Assisted Death For Those Living With Ptsd

    I think they are also including improvements for palliative care. But I can see why they are not allowing people with mental illness yet. Take someone who's bipolar, for example. They may be in state when they wanna die for a while but then later they may want to live. Or they may have family...
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    News Doctor-Assisted Death For Those Living With Ptsd

    I think this new law is a good start and keep in mind the bill may change somewhat after debate; even if it doesn't, there is room for amendments down the line. I think it might have been a bit different if the Supreme Court had given the new government a longer extension. I would shorten the...
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    News Doctor-Assisted Death For Those Living With Ptsd

    I haven't read the whole thread but...I seriously doubt our new justice minister is going to include people with mental illness in the bill (yes, it's one of the recommendations but I have a feeling she won't go for it. I could be wrong...but even if she did, there would be very strict...
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    What Do You Think Is The Purpose Of Existence?

    Having a purpose seems so ...utilitarian...Must there be a purpose? Maybe I'm just asking because I don't have one...