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    How to Listen Discussion

    <added by anthony: this thread has been split from the how to listen thread within the interpersonal skills forum.> Thanks! :crazy-blu Thought I'd make myself feel useful, lol
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    How's Your Day Been? Each Day is Different, So Make Your Mark Daily

    :crazy-eye Just wanted to know how everyone is doing today?
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    Understanding Types of Depression & Treatment Discussion

    <added by anthony: This thread has been split from understanding types of depression and treatment.> Wow, thanks this info is really helpful!
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    Unhelpful Thinking Styles Discussion

    <added by anthony: this thread has been split from unhelpful thinking styles within the anxiety forum> Wow... thank you... I'm guilty of many of those negative thinking patterns. Really found that "persistance and hardwork" post really enlightening... but I must ask... does dealing with this...
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    Recently Diagnosed PostTraumatic Stress Disorder

    Hi to all, I'm approaching the 1 year aniversery since my "accident". and, well... i just wanted to find some people I can chat with that can relate to my frustrations over PTSD. Well... now that I've introduced myself, I'm gonna go look in the forums.