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    It Feels Like The End Of The Game

    So, I haven't started a new thread in ages and quite frankly, I'm not sure that this is a good idea but anyway... As the title says, I feel like the end of the game is approaching and nothing is resolved and it looks like it will go to overtime but I have no energy, no will to make it there. I...
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    2015 Women's World Cup Football/soccer

    So, there's this little event happening in Canada this month (to July 5). Just wondering if anyone else is following? It's obviously not as big as the men's version but there is certainly high quality of play and not nearly as much drama and fake injuries as in the men's game. I am impressed...
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    Remembrance Day

    Well, it's Remembrance Day here... It's good that we honour those who've lost their lives in WW I and WWII. However, I feel that their memory is not being honoured by today's glorification of war. Somehow this pathos creeped in that romanticizes the idea and instead of stopping wars, we get...
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    Some thoughts on the US election

    Warning: This contains my opinions on this matter. If you are not comfortable with political discussion or cannot do it in a respectful manner, perhaps reading the rest of this post is not a good idea. Having said that, I welcome comments and other points of view. So...As the election of...
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    Still trying to figure this out + a rant of sorts I haven't quite mastered this blog thing yet but I shall not let that stand in my way...hahaha...If only I could take the same approach in other...Alas! Now for the rant...I meant to make this a blog post but ended up posting it as a comment in the Phobbosopher section... So here...
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    The Phobosopher's Blog

    Hello all...I am also new to this whole blog I shall have to do a little bit at a time...I have just started one for a class...but that's a whole other story. As for the name...I couldn't come up with anything goo dat the moment...and I am not a fact, I have been...
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    Anyone Else Left Handed?

    A common myth is that lefties are either geniuses or schizophrenics...and I ain't a genius...hmmm:think: Apparently we're also very creative...I can see that...on the good days anyway. I've noticed that many actors are...Nicole Kidman, Julliane Moore etc...and apprently so are these...
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    Where is Everyone? Nobody in Chat

    Hello...i was just in the chat and everu=yone has left it seems. ;(:dont-know
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    Sorry Portabella

    Hi Port, sorry I was not in the chat...I had gone to peel some potatoes and then got back just to see that everyone left I'm still in there, if ypou wanan chat :) rd
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    BassistKara, I'm in the chat (went to grab some food) if you want to talk

    Hi BK, I'm sorry I missed you just now. I wasn't at the computer. If you still wanna chat, I'm in there :)
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    Anyone Up For Chat?

    Hello any and all...if anyone wants to chat...I'm in there... RD
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    Reallydown's Mental Imagery

    This is an imaginery journey down a road. Take in the sights, sounds and colours, just like a video camera recording all that lies surrounding you. Survey the scene, noticing whatis far off in the distance, the background surrounds, the weather, the season and a total image of what you view...
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    Feeling Kind of Alone...

    This may sound weird, especially since everyone here is supportive and can relate to the PTSD symptoms I have...and yet I find myself somewhat alone. Perhaps it's because I can't really relate to anyone in terms the experiences that led to this in the first place...I guess the vets in the forum...
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    Would It Be Possible To Remove This Smiley

    Hi--I don't mean to be a pest, but would it be possible to remove this smily:die: ???? Anything even remotely resembling weapons/shooting makes me very nervous...
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    Rant... I'll Give Them "Get Over It"

    I just want to say that I am sick of people who have no idea what this is like saying things like "get over it" or, "move on" or "cheer up"...YES people...I WANT to get over it..."tiny" little problem there...we CAN'T just "get over it"!!!!! Seriously...what do they think? that it's fun-- when...
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    PTSD - How Does One Deal With the Guilt?

    guilt is a large part of my problem--i mean...i survived...i didn't get killed, shot, step on a landmine (though there was a close call on that one--instead of me ...somene else died from that particular one...),i didn't get raped by soldiers etc...and yet i often feel like i should have...
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    Recurring Nightmare and PTSD?

    hi--just wondering if this happens/ed to anayone--you have a nightmare that's part memory and part what could have's both blurry and very vivid at the same time? i used to have this (now...i don't think i even reach REM sleep) and it involves a memory i have of being on a ship...
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    I'm Pretty Sure This is PTSD

    hi--this is my first time posting here...i have no idea where to begin...well, here it goes. i am originally from one of the numerous parts of the world ravaged by war, and now (well, for the past 4 years or so) i've really been having a tough time...the memories of the shelling and shooting...