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    Perfectionist Supervisor

    Okay, so I've been working at my current job for about seven months. It is a workplace that does not seem to like new employees, it likes to keep things the way it is and has always been. Also, I grew up in a family where you weren't visible unless you were really, really "terrible" or really...
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    Do You Ever Fear That People Will Dismiss You If You Tell Them?

    So I kind of realized today that besides dealing with this, one of my fears is telling someone about it (and my triggers and how sometimes it keeps me up at night and have to sleep with a light on and about how I still have stuffed animals in my home to comfort me and how sometimes, I too afraid...
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    Any Tips To Make My Office Be A More Comforting Place?

    I'm new here. So. . .at my current position, whenever I have to interact with my direct supervisor, I feel triggered. When she's not there, I don't feel so bad. I am definitely not trying to blame her, but I honestly think about her and feel terrible even when I'm not at work. She reminds me...