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    Chat, check-in, and hang out

    That's not a good time. When i feel like a shit ball, I find a good hypnosis on YouTube to zone out on. That way I feel productive, and sometimes I have energy enough to turn on weight loss, or healthy living hypnosis. Shooot, and when it gets really good, I'm searching the most recent...
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    Possible Trauma Bond? Narcissism? Me?

    I don't know what Trauma bonding is yet, but you're not alone in dealing with gaslighting, and those behavior patterns...Yes, well she sounds like a Covert Narcissist to me. The panic attack with your 6yo boy tending you you is heartbreaking. No matter what, remember what you experienced in...
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    The Trauma of past relationships haunt me.

    Lady Leatherneck! Thank you a bunch. There's no way I can gaurantee that I myself will not be a dick, love him and leave him 2 or 3 more times with shoes flying everywhere in a fearful frenzy. I also can't rely on that mustard seed of hope in him taking real action in his recovery. T_T I called...
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    The Trauma of past relationships haunt me.

    I'm going through the hardest breakup of my life. T and I have been together for almost 4 years. He and I are in our early 30s. Both of us met when his little girl was 2, and my little boy was 3. He's been there through a long high conflict custody case to win my son from the last relationahip I...