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  1. Sanctuary

    How to tell someone new you have CPTSD?

    How do you tell someone new you have CPTSD for 23 years? I don't want to have to go into why I have it. It makes me sad someone else did this to me and its a burden I carry, a secret I have to hide. But if you can't accept my PTSD you will never be close to me. So what choice do I have but to...
  2. Sanctuary

    I dont care anymore

    Can i post? Everyone telling me to do Ptsd treatment now when my brain is telling me its nor the right time and i should weather the storm. My dad is having more stents put in his heart tomorrow. Everyone is against me thinking they know best. They don't understand the next thing will put me...
  3. Sanctuary

    Death Pet Bereavement & CPTSD & Hoarding & Finding Solutions

    My cat died after 16 years, on the 19th January. 2018. She was my soul mate, my baby the only thing I had and I'm devasted. Please has anyone got any ideas on how to deal with this loss? I am been told GET OVER IT! - that just broke my heart. I miss her so much and am going into a deep...
  4. Sanctuary

    Hoarding And CPTSD

    Firstly may I say I'm dyslexic so please excuse any spelling or grammar. I'm here to find answers from fellow survivors. I was attacked by a serial rapist who broke into the house whilst I was sleeping I put the man away at the Old Bailey for 9 years. 22 years later and I'm still waking up...
  5. Sanctuary

    Struggling after home invasion

    < moderator moved post from another thread to begin new thread > May I ask a question? without being a troll and taking the post off topic? Im new here as well,but I posted under a different name 9 years ago. Only to come back trying to find the answers to my questions, then realizeing it was...