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  1. HealingInProcess

    Alpha Lipoic Acid

    Is anyone else taking this? It makes me feel more alert and I would be curious to see if anyone has any experiences with this.
  2. HealingInProcess

    Other Sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies

    I don't know if other people are but I am and they give me headaches. Apparently there are shielding devices one can purchase so I'm going to look into it. Has anyone else had this issue?
  3. HealingInProcess

    Has anyone ever felt like they were in two places at the same time?

    Wondering if this has happened to anyone else. I'm in one place but feel like I'm also somewhere else.
  4. HealingInProcess

    Lag in processing

    Does anyone have a lag in processing stimuli? For example I will be listening to the radio and know internally the song that is about to come on and then it will come on. I'm not psychic but I'm wondering if my lack of integration means I am actually experiencing time in a partially delayed manner.
  5. HealingInProcess


    I'm working on personal affirmations and would appreciate some feedback. Please find below. 1. I want to get better. 2. I love myself OR I want to love myself. 3. I like myself OR I want to like myself. 4. I want to be present today. 5. I want to be self-aware. 6. I'm interested in myself and I...
  6. HealingInProcess

    Other Got some bad news today

    Basically it looks like I might be standing to lose a lot for something that I did that I'm technically responsible for but really wasn't my fault as it was done out of ignorance. Ultimately I feel I can survive the consequences but it's hard when you are the victim of circumstances (as many of...
  7. HealingInProcess

    Sleeping Masks

    I just want to say I endorse these. Depending o the light situation in your room there could still be light that gets into your eyes and I have found sleeping masks very helpful in blocking this out. I also sometimes "palm" my eyes and cup my hands over my eyes for a few minutes to block out any...
  8. HealingInProcess

    Narrative therapy

    I've read about this in one of my books on trauma. It talks about the value of constructing a narrative to help explain your trauma or put it in some kind of context so you can relate to it and wrap your head around it. I have tried to do this by going back in my life and writing down people I...
  9. HealingInProcess

    On convincing myself that my perpetrators are human beings

    I don't particularly feel like I'm in a rush to get to this point but I do feel that I am telling myself (and maybe the Lord is prodding me along) that at some point I need to be open to seeing that the people who have abused me are human beings. I actually think this is a step before...
  10. HealingInProcess

    Coping strategies for intellectualism as avoidance?

    I notice I have a strong tendency to fill my mind with thoughts and analysis and meta-analysis and on and on. I have been like this my whole life. My mind really struggles to just be still. I try and be aware when this is happening and still my thoughts and also try grounding. I do find these...
  11. HealingInProcess

    Chutes and Ladders - Slide Down An Emotional Ladder Of Powerlessness

    Sometimes my life feels like the game Chutes and Ladders and today is an example. I was expecting to "land" on a ladder today and receive some financial assistance but instead heard that it was delayed, which led me to slide down an emotional ladder of powerlessness. It really wasn't the event...