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    Ketamine infusion treatment - anyone tried?

    Just been back to my doctor and [again] she doesn't seem to "get" PTSD/CPTSD. She wants me to try yet another SSRI, but antidepressants just seem to turn my symptoms up to number 11 and beyond. There is a Psychiatrist here at Oxford University in the UK who is trialling Ketamine infusions...
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    Self Doubt About Diagnosis And Recovery

    Prompted by a [very good] thread I was reading earlier in another forum, about the reliability of memories, I realise how much I am plagued by self doubt, for example: Did anything really happen? My memories are primarily sensations, rather than "movies" in my head, with fragments emerging in...
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    Etns [external trigeminal nerve stimulation] to treat ptsd symptoms - anyone tried it?

    Saw a TV programme here in the UK last week which described two treatments being trialled at UCLA for PTSD symptoms. This is [a slightly cut-down version of] how they described it. Full article at Trust me I'm a doctor : Could targeting networks in the brain help to alleviate the symptoms of...
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    I have a history of bad dreams and nightmares. I had been doing okay, sleeping better and managing to "bear" the waking and get back to sleep, but at the weekend it all started up again, in what feels like a massive backward step The pattern is that I wake about 3.00 a.m. and am then completely...