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    Why Do I Do This And Feel Nothing?

    My diagnosed PTSD is caused by the traumatic death (witnessed) of my dearest friend. To cut a long story short i never believed even in light of all evidence that she would actually die. So now i find myself obsessively watching medical trauma programmes on TV. I can only do this on my own like...
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    New Flashback Experience

    Today i had a new experience with flashbacks. I looked up on a shelf at my mother's house where she keeps a beautiful sculpture of a woman in repose i saw that she had added a strip of ivy and festive greenery over it . Out loud i heard myself shout "I don't like that -take it off " several of...
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    Why ?

    So -fifteen minutes ago i had this positive thought that i could go to a small town where i feel safe. .i don't feel safe in the city ...i was going to buy a small gift for one of my few friends. I even got out of bed and dressed..then i got back in bed to keep warm until husband was ready...
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    Sufferer An Old Friend

    Hi ..i have been getting to know you a bit before plucking up courage to seek support .i have recently been diagnosed with PTSD after a 2 yr struggle with worsening symptoms. I am in T but early days & still v scared and finding it distressing . I can't ever see a way of connecting to my pre...