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    Other Animal Attack Trauma In Childhood

    One night, when I was three years old I was put to bed in my crib in my own separate room. I woke up screaming in the middle of the night as I was being mauled by a 15 to 20 pound Siamese cat named Fifi. She had apparently jumped down from the dresser into the crib and was clawing and biting me...
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    News Three green berets killed, two wounded

    The war against Al Qaeda and the Muslim extremists continues unabated. In Niger a binational routine patrol was ambushed by these maniacs. Three US Army Special Forces warriors were killed two wounded unknown number of Nigerien army causalties. God bless their souls. These warriors stand between...
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    Other Close encounters of the second kind

    I was hesitant to let 'er rip on this one. But what the heck. I think I would like most aliens. I'm crazy enough to go up to them, and shake hands them, and chew the fat. They don't threaten my faith. If anything their existance would support it. Hey, it is a big Universe. There's room for all...
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    Mother May

    I have to preface this by saying, generally speaking, I love British. I grew up friends with, and real tight with, some British Army brats. Salt of the earth. My brother's wife is British and I have a British nephew. The connections are pretty deep, particularly with the British Army community...
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    Running The Gauntlet

    The following happened while being totally unarmed. That is, unable to defend ourselves what so ever. North Africa. Sahara desert. Extremely hot. 1967. Report of all out war has broken out, Israel against the Arab countries. Reports of extensive violence, with many of my jewish brothers killed...
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    North Africa, Sahara, S12 Years

    I did not serve (officially) in the US armed services. But I served my country, and I am a US born, combat, wounded veteran of multiple engagements in North África, and former confined prisoner (of revolution). All of this as a kid. I provided active support for my dad who was engaged in Recon...