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    Anxiety Over Small Things

    I get Anxiety over the smallest things. For example: -Today I received a copy of an appraisal of our house. I already know it appraised for the amount we needed it to however I am reluctant to read the actual report. Not even sure why. Maybe because there would be something in the report I...
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    Can we please discus politics?

    I know this is taboo but can we please discuss politics. Because of the threat I see from trump and supporters I have frequent nightmares where I cannot save my family (I am not taking shots at trump supporters this is how I feel), I am afraid to go out becasue I often see white nationalists in...
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    Undiagnosed CPTSD / No experiences like mine or am I in denial

    I have really been struggling with excepting I have cPTSD. For one thing I was the one who first thought to explore the idea as a possible factor in my idiopathic small fiber neuropathy. So I go to a psychologist and he is like "yeah of course you do shall me make another appt?". Though I dont...
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    Lately I have become distraught and a little panicked over the realization that nobody will ever really know what I went through. I feel very alone. I don't mean lonely, in fact prefer being alone. It is almost an anxiety that when I am gone I will take with me something that will be forever...
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    Adrenaline as I am about to fall asleep

    I am curious if others have this experience. I suffer from nueropathy. When it is bad it affects my sleep which in turn worsens the nephropathy and I am in a cycle that is difficult to break. I understandably become very exhausted however even when I become extremely sleepy (these cycle can...
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    Not an actual diagnosis

    My symptoms have been bad lately - the shutdown has been a struggle. However, every time I experience anxiety, irritability that I would attribute to my CPTSD I get very agitated thinking about it. Like I am a fraud or I am making axcusess or something. I am seeing a LCSW for coping with...