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    Relationship Emotional Support Dog Separation During Isolation

    Hey all, Hope everyone is surviving the isolation alright and finding new coping strategies (feel free to share!)! Just looking for some advice on how to balance needs with everyone going on. My fiance is a first responder and has struggled with cPTSD since before we met. Nowadays he seems to...
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    General Triggering losses and dc metro supporter group interest

    Things had been looking up for so long and I hadn’t logged onto this forum for months, but this past week my first responder with cPTSD lost a fellow provider from a neighboring station with whom he had run a few calls to suicide and 2 days later lost a very close firefighter friend. I’m not...
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    Relationship Trying to save him, can't save myself, drowning us both

    This past weekend, my CPTSD sufferer and I almost broke up. Basically what it comes down to is that he needs a lot of space, independence, and flexibility while I need more consistency, plans, and someone to be there and to be a part of my family. Both of us are trying so hard, but I know that...
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    Relationship Balancing Needs

    My SO suffers from cPTSD. His problems are mainly due to his work experiences although his family life was not exactly ideal growing up either. In our several months of dating, we've had our ups and downs and a couple of fights, but he was very honest with me about his condition and what to...