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    Is Dissociative Identity Disorder caused by anything other than childhood trauma?

    Everything I have read about DID specifically references childhood trauma. It seems likely that what @Ronin and @grit are talking about can happen (i.e. the original trauma that forms the DID occurs in childhood may go dormant, and then be brought active again by additional trauma/ stress etc...
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    Relationship Love...or the time of corona

    I am surprised that you are taken aback by his response to your text. His response is exactly what I would expect. He is clearly interested in dating you, as proven by the continued interest in asking you out. To think he would not hope your joke was serious does not seem like a reasonable...
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    Thanks to everyone who replied to the newbie

    Just read the first thread you started. I can relate to the sources of truama you identified in your life. I hope you are doing well. Keep reaching out for help. This is a really good place for support for the most part. But trust your therapists and professionals more than online feedback...
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    I slept with my therapist, now what?

    This post is so well said @littleoc. The support and progress people are showing on this whole thread is inspiring.
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    It gets tiring

    That is a normal response to trauma. It will get better over time. It is not your fault, or some weakness. You are still you and you will be able to overcome this with treatment over time.
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    It gets tiring

    No body is 100%. Trying to be perfect just makes things worse. You are enough as you are right now. Progress is enough.
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    Childhood Emotional Flashbacks and Triggers

    I am glad you are going to see a new therapist. That is going to help a lot. It is hard to go without talking about it with your wife, but I am sure working with the therapist will help with that too.
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    It gets tiring

    That sounds pretty typical to me. Hang in there, be gentle with yourself. It will get better over time with help.
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    Will I be normal again one day

    I know I am not what I was before it. But I am happy with who I am now.
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    Relationship Had enough

    Sounds like a complicated and painful situation. I hope you find a more stable relationship.
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    News Worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus (covid-19)

    I make a mean red beans and rice. Now I want to make dinner lol
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    News Worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus (covid-19)

    It is times like this that I am reminded that it isnt just with mental health treatment that the USA lags behind European companies.
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    Is this Avoidance?

    I don't put a lot of stock in dreams. I would just say be clear about your personal boundaries and if you start wanting to cross them then reach out for more support.
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    Spirituality in recovery - found a way to have faith

    I am glad you found spirituality that helps you. I used to hate even the concept of god, but I realized two things. First, i didnt think anyone could care about me cause I was a "piece of s&!t." And secondly, that I did not have to force the "god" my parents gave me on myself.
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    I broke up with my boyfriend

    Making big changes is difficult. I am glad you did something you felt was in your own interest. It is hard when you care about someone to do something that is not going to feel good for either of you. So I understand how you feel. But doing what is best for you is doing what is best for both of...
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    I could have done so much more.

    With what you said about your support network and family I understand why you feel that way. Time to expand your network to include people who are more capable of being supportive.
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    Dom Violence I had a trigger this week, it confused me...

    It is ok that you were triggered. I am grateful that I have not been triggered with that intensity in a long period of time. But I can relate to being so out of it that I shake uncontrollably. Do you see a therapist?
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    I could have done so much more.

    Give yourself time to unpack the baggage. You are worth the time and effort it takes to overcome this. I am sorry you went through all that.
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    Sexual Assault Trying to make sense of it all

    It sounds like you are having a normal response to a very abnormal unhealthy situation. Try to be gentle with yourself. You did not contribute to this at all. I hope you can continue to talk to your therapist and bf. You did not deserve this.
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    Are you going to start the counselling? Usually a PTSD diagnosis does not come until after several sessions with a counselor who can diagnose.
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    Sufferer CSA survivor and more. Just started proper therapy.

    Glad you are here, and glad you are getting therapy. I hope you find the relief from PTSD that I have.
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    What are you having for dinner? (wanna share your recipe?)

    I made vegitable rice so I can use it to make stir fry. I use an "Instapot" for it. 5 Cups of broth 2 tablespoons each of Soy Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce, Hoisin Sauce and Sriracha. 5 Cups of rice Use the "Rice" setting for medium and allow the pot to process. Release the pressure manually, stir...