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    Gagging/Dry Heaving after I wake up every a.m.

    Note * I am not pregnant I am on Cipralex I do have anxiety I do have acid relflux but this isnt it.. I dont taste the acid in my mouth. I work in healthcare. So any bodily fluid to me is like whatever, I have a strong stomach. But i find my chest tight. If i wear a bra it feels like so much...
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    Asked in 2 interviews if I have mental health issues from my job

    Hello all. I am writing from Canada. Where we have a law that states that no employer is to ask about your mental health issues even prior to employment. I have had 2 interviews in 2 weeks. Both women asked my if i have or had mental health issues from working in a forensic psychiatric...
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    Cut off of GREAT west life aka canada life insurance

    So i work in a forensic hospital. I had an incident 2 years ago. I used all sick pay, vacation pay, all e.i. even welfare before i got onto LTD. Lets fast forward 2 years to todays date. I have reached my 2 years at disability. They want me to return to work. My family GP says no way and...
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    Bad doctor. How can I function at work with PTSD?

    Ive been off work for two years. My doctor never sent in my paperwork to great west life disability through my employer. I am now cut off payments and back to work within the next week. Who works with ptsd? I dont know how the F i am going to be able to start my shifts at 530 am when i...
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    Anxiety over visiting inlaws every sunday

    I want to her others experiences when it comes to inlaws. I feel it really brings out my stress and anxiety every sunday before i go to dinner with my partner. I am hypersensitive to many things and i take a few years to analyze what triggers me. Now that for the last 4 years i have the same 2...
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    How many people cant sleep well

    Hello all! I found this website today and had to join you all as I also have PTSD and need to connect with others who know what I am going through ! I had an incident in 2015 at the tail end of the summer. I started suffering from night sweats, lack of sleep, then the irritability. It is now...