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    Suicidal Ideation - Will It Ever End?

    I've been suffering with suicidal ideation for over a decade... Been close to doing it a number of times. Problem is, despite being on medication (Olanzapine) things have kinda got worse - I think about it day and night. I keep talking myself out of it, but I feel stuck in this circle of hell...
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    Beachy Head

    I spend my weekends at Beachy Head waiting for the anger to spiral out of control, to give myself the courage to jump. I've lost all hope.
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    Music Therapy - Learn Guitar

    “Music has charms to soothe a savage breast.” - William Congreve I’m trawling for various forms of therapy and was intrigued to learn that learning guitar can alleviate the symptoms of PTSD. I pretty much need to listen to music to release my anxiety and anger, and I’ve always wanted to learn...
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    General Ptsd And Gastric Problems

    About a month after displaying my first PTSD symptoms (about ten years ago) I started suffering from gastric problems. I had a cast iron stomach before that. Anyway, the gastric problems gradually got worse - I lost loads of weight and started passing blood. It turned out I had Ulcerative...
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    Other Betrayal - Cause Of Trauma?

    I’ve recently been diagnosed with PTSD. My psych said that it’s possible that my wife’s cheating / betrayal caused the trauma. Does that make any sense? * I worked for the MOD and Home Office as a civilian telecoms engineer for a number of years. Deployed to Northern Ireland, Nigeria, Croatia...
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    Suicidal rage

    I've just done it again. Pure uncontrollable, venom, suicidal rage. Thank god no one was around to witness it - wife and daughter are in Australia visiting family. Although I suspect the neighbours heard my screams - thank god they didn't call the police. Put a knife to my throat. Don't know...