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    Dealing with mental health and the call to activism

    So I just got off a social media platform where a friend has posted a call to activism. Quoting someone saying it wasn't good enough to just educate yourself on issues but you needed to help fix the issues while using some analogy to get it across how morally insensitive it is to not help...
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    DID Just life with DID

    Not a super serious topic. Just feeling weird being in a system and unable to talk to my friends about it. I've been depressed, I haven't been able to get myself to work for a good while. Over the years my therapist keeps bringing up asking other parts to help when I do have problems. So I...
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    DID Parts barely Around

    This year I focused mainly on my mental health and relationships. Things were going pretty well and I'd have some hours where I wasn't experiencing depersonalization or derealization, which is a pretty big deal for me! So great! About mid year in the summer I started working more and eventually...
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    Having a hard time with a celebrity exposed

    I don't know where to post. An internet celebrity/personality was exposed to having cheated on his wife with another, allegedly gaslighting and abusive, and lying to and involving fans in the exchange of nudes. This celebrity was open about some things he did but the full extent of things was...
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    When things feel unreal that you think it's a lie

    I recently got a girlfriend and I think she's pretty wonderful. There are times it's hard to believe I have her in my life, that this is my life. Because of dissociation though that disbelief takes a step further. Things won't feel real. I'll want to call her to hear a voice because it doesn't...
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    DID Parts and Awareness

    Do/did you ever have trouble knowing who is fronting? Or who is feeling what? Who is creating passive influence? Or confusing one part for another? I'm co-conscious, but I have trouble with all the above. I feel like so many people have this clear awareness of their parts. I'm not sure if...
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    DID Parts with no Names

    I've been trying to find information on this with little avail. So I was hoping maybe others knew something on this or could give their more experienced insight. I find in much DID litature, there's much talk of parts with invidual names but little about having no names. I only recall "no...
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    To date or not to date

    At the moment I have a casual group of friends (we're all young adults: college or working) I hang out with online and I've been flirting with some of the people there. My flirting isn't serious and most people know I'm joking. I'm not looking to date anyone. I don't feel like I can date, so I'm...
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    When what you know... doesn't feel real

    Are there things you know are truth, but it doesn't feel real at times so you doubt or deny it's true? How do you deal with those moments? If you're comfortable doing so could you share your stories? This year I've come to accept some realities about myself, such as having parts and that I'm...
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    Therapy Homework

    Is it unusual for therapists to not give a lot of homework? Just wondering if this is a choice of style or method, or if this unusual.
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    States of Derealization

    I deal with both derealization and depersonalization. For those who deal with derealization, I'm trying to understand my own experiences and would like feedback even if all you can tell me is what you experience. I normally feel nothing emotionally from the world around me. The whole "the...
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    Tolerable Jobs

    I've been self employed for nearly 10 years but looking at getting an entry-level job to make money. I like what I do, it's just not stable enough and I don't have it in me to make it work. While I've learned there can be many decent paying entry level employment (especially if one lives in a...
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    DID Parts and friendships

    Some of my parts want space to be seen as male/nuetural by friends. I have a group of online friends who assume I'm male and this helps fulfill those wants. I wanted to start streaming with these friends but this could cause complication. (1) having to explain gender and losing the complete...
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    Can you decide to Forget?

    I was talking to a friend who was reminiscing about her childhood and a favorite game, one that was a favorite of mine too. But I could barely make any conversation about it, because I barely remember playing it. I use to know, but now I don't. It's breaking my heart and it's so defeating when I...
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    DID Recovery for Dissociative Disorders

    For those with experience with DID or OSDD, what are/were things you worked on in the beginning?
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    Trouble Reading

    Depersonalization and derealization hit me when I was around 16. There was other changes like trouble sleeping and difficulty reading. I don't mean trouble reading actual text, but difficulty with memory or concentration. I use to love reading fiction before the dissociation hit, afterwards I...
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    DID Parts and Gender

    I've been in therapy since March and have been concerned about DID. In the last month I have realized I do have alters even if my experience is more OSDD. I have something on my mind that I've been wrestling with. I'm not really sure what my gender is and it has been a topic of discussion with...
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    DID I'm in a place of uncertainity

    I know I have DPD since 16, through therapy and research I figured this out on my own. I've taken online assessments that scored high enough on dissociation that DID was a suggested possibility. The problem is I don't think I qualify for DID, because I don't have loss of memory and evidence of...
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    Information exchange

    The new therapist I'm currently seeing asked for information about my last therapist (name, office, etc). I wanted to know if new therapists typically get information from previous therapists, like notes, records, etc.
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    Finding a therapist

    I'm seeing a new therapist this week for our first meeting and consultation. She's my top pick locally. I've been reluctant to look at out of town therapist but I pushed myself because I want to get the right fit this time. Today I found a therapist who is 2 hours away who I really, really like...
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    Music about dissociation

    I wanted to find music/lyrics that reflect the experience of being dissociated or having a dissociation disorder. The song doesn't have to literally be about dissociation, just sounds like it could be. Here are a few I found: Shatter Me - Lindsey Stirling ft Lzzy hale Bring me to Life -...
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    Paying for therapy

    Not sure if this is the right place for this. I'm looking for feedback on how to take care of therapy financially. I can't afford therapy and I'm looking at my options. For some time I've considered asking my father to pay for my therapy. I've not talked to my father much in the last few years...
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    I'm feeling lost and could really use some help.

    I have done some therapy this year and realized I use some dissociation to cope. It's been hard to understand myself when I dont always fit the mold and I feel overwhelmed, but therapy did help me to be more aware. I took an online test recently and it said I scored very high on dissociation...