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    News 'Flexible DNA' may be key to overcoming fearful memories

    This was on my news feed and I thought you all might find it interesting. 'Flexible DNA' may be key to overcoming fearful memories
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    News Researcher faked results for Grant money

    Psychiatrist Engaged in Research Misconduct, Says Gov't Watchdog - Mad In America Sorry it's been a rough month. It worries me. How many other studies have been faked?
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    News Pepper spray that contacts the police and people you trust

    I thought this was brilliant Protected Pepper with Shield Technology
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    App for preventing self harm

    A friend posted this on Facebook and I thought some of you could use it .
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    What is an exit fantasy?

    My therapist mentioned it yesterday but didn't say what it was and I didn't think to ask.
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    Article on trauma and nightmares

    There are tips on how to help. I don't get nightmares as often as some of you so I don't know if these work. How Trauma Affects Your Dreams—And How to Cope With The Nightmares - National Sleep Foundation
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    What do you for people that act like they want help but don't really?

    How do you handle it? For example a guy I work with with complain about his exgirlfriend, the mother of his kids, and ask me what to do. I'll give him advice but he won't take it then does it again. I see this kind of thing all the time. I feel like some people don't really want help, they want...
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    What is sleep hygeine?

    Can somebody explain that to me?
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    Why did you pick your screen name?

    Mine stands for the department I work in, the radio call number for said department and the year I started. You?
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    Just for fun - Sean Of The South On Marriage

    Marriage :) Marriage - Sean of the South
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    What should I expect from therapy?

    Every week it's the same thing. "how are you and what's going on?". Alot of the time we don't talk about me but about my kids or other things in my life. Is that normal or is there specific stuff I'm supposed to be doing? Am I just giving myself an excuse to quit?
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    News VA to pay er visits for vets

    Court rules VA must pay veterans' ER bills at non-VA hospitals This is great
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    BPD Borderline traits and how to relate to them

    My daughter has been diagnosed with borderline personality traits. I don't know a whole lot about it and need to know how to relate to her when she's having trouble. Any ideas?
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    News Harvard article about pain and how therapy can help

    I’m in pain, so why is my doctor suggesting a psychologist? - Harvard Health Blog I think it makes alot of sense. I know for me the more tense/anxious I am the more pain I deal with. The more I can learn to let some things go or learn to ground, the better I feel physically. <modEdit - posts...
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    News Thoughts? Social Recall : Factors That Can Affect False Memory

    Social recall: factors that can affect false memory I don't know what to think. I don't know enough about memory to comment. I do know that the psychiatric community seems to not be able to agree on anything :/.
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    I don't know if this is allowed or not (weighted blankets on sale)

    Weighted blankets for $30. USA only Link Removed
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    I punched my husband in my sleep

    Last night I feel dead asleep which is pretty unusual for me. My husband came over to kiss me goodnight and apparently he caused me to panic. I pushed him off and tried to punch him in the throat. I just remember the very end of all this. I can laugh it off now but I don't want it to happen...
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    BPD I was looking for info on BPD for my daughter

    And I found this article. Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) - My brother thinks my daughter is borderline ( he's a psychiatric nurse practitioner) so I was looking into information. This is an article I have found. Is it accurate?
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    My daughter made a suicide attempt

    My daughter tried to take her life last night. She is home now and will be in intensive outpatient therapy. She is also going to leave her husband who apparently has been treating her like crap. Its a long story how I found out what she did but she took a bottle of antidepressants, I and her...
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    News 2017 Review Of Anticonvulsant Topimax And PTSD

    I may have posted this before but : Topiramate Reduces Hyperarousal in PTSD, Review Finds | Psychiatry & Behavioral Health Learning Network
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    Having good dreams about ex husband

    What the crap? I don't normally dream about him at all ( not that I can remember) my nightmares when I have them usually involve my kids. Lately I have been having good dreams about my ex like we are in this fun loving relationship and he's incredibly sweet. My last one I had like that I spent...
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    News This!!! 1000 times this!! - article on the difference of mental illness as a disease and a description.

    A Psychiatric Diagnosis Is Not a Disease Psychology today article on the difference of mental illness as a disease and a description.
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    If my kids ask about my history I can answer, but can't when my therapist does - Why is this

    How come my kids can ask me questions about my past history with my ex and how it relates to them and I can answer it ok but if my therapist wants me to talk about things in or if I try to myself I can't do it? Like I just tried to type out the question she asked and I can't do it. But yet I...
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    I feel like people are lying to me. Alot.

    More often than not I feel like I'm being lied to by any and every body. How do I stop being this way?
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    BPD Article addressing borderline personality disorder

    This was shared by Kay Warren...wife of Rick Warren the author of "the purpose driven life" books. Her son took his own life a few years ago. We Can't Keep Overlooking the Mental Illness With the Highest Suicide Rate