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    Traveling and dissociating/derealization

    I just returned from a trip which took me out of the country. It was a work-cation. I helped my sister teach little kids art and dance twice a day for a week. In the evenings I sat on the beach and contemplated life. It was great! Upon returning I'm having that same weird adjustment period...
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    Sufferer Hello everyone, I am new to the forum. Living with PTSD and DID for 14yrs. Just made a big move. Feeling overwhelmed and lost.

    Finally got to leave the Big City and move to a beautiful slower paced town in the MidWest. It's such a relief to not have the over stimulation of city life to deal with. Loving the slower pace and beauty of the town. Having problems socializing. Only been here 3 months, so I realize I've gotta...