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    Fight or flight - anyone else feel like you're constantly in it?

    Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a constant state of fight or flight. Anyone else feel/have felt this way?
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    Advice needed on communication with my son

    I have a 16yr old son who is struggling right now, we both are. I've been having some flashbacks lately that are quite extreme. They take a lot out of me a d he is not understanding what I'm going through. He has taken to insulting me, calling me lazy and a bad parent, at every opportunity, this...
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    Appalled at myself

    Along with this site I also belong to a forum that focuses on suicide, this morning I read a post from a suicidal man who stated he was a repeat sex offender. I am feeling conflicted because I have been on the edge like that and know, however I also had to leave before I posted a terrible reply...