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    It could also be a somatic flashback. Not all flashbacks are visual or emotional. Some flashbacks are somatic or manifest as physical sensations re-occuring at unexpected times usually as a result of a trigger.
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    What is in the back of a fire truck?

    Depends on the location of the firetruck...north america vs europe vs south america. On my particular truck we have all of our wooden cribbing (for stabilizing vehicles involved in collisions, a hydrant bag with tools and adaptors for connecting to a fire hydrant. we also have 4 pike poles)like...
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    Other Seizure During EMDR

    I many times will start to shake during EMDR sessions but not like a seizure.
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    PTSD, Sleeping, and Keeping my Wife Safe from Me?

    Unfortunately like so wife and I sleep in different rooms. This is not all that uncommon amongst couples where one battles PTSD.
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    Labelling of Emotions

    Great way of thinking about it........using the process of focusing on labeling it to help in not obsessively focusing on the feeling itself. Thanks for that tip!!
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    Labelling of Emotions

    I know quite well about the wheel of emotions...........still is of no help because the wheel of emotions requires you to know what the emotions actually feel like to be able to be useful. For example sure the the wheel shows that disgusted drives feelings of contempt, repulsive, apathetic...
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    Numb or Regulated

    I was only stating what Brene Brown had stated about selectively numbing emotions. I am still pondering that idea myself.
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    Labelling of Emotions

    One of the challenges I have is being able to correctly label or even label at all, the emotions I'm feeling in any given situation. For example when doing an EMDR session with my T she will often ask me what I''m feeling, what emotion am I experiencing and I can't for the life of me label it to...
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    Numb or Regulated

    Great question as I have also thought about this as well. Brene Brown (google her Ted talks) states that you can not emotionally numb selectively. In other words if you emotionally numb the negative, you also are numbing the positive emotions. So conversely if you are no longer emotionally...
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    Therapist asked what i need from them

    When that happened to me and I also dissociated, there was nothing my T could do for me during it. She sat back and waited. Now after it had ended and I was obviously distressed we did a quick EMDR session to help me process what had just happened and lower my distress level.
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    Silly ptsd conversations

    Not showing it the respect it deserved........whether its cancer or PTSD/Depression respect is definitely not something that either of those illnesses deserve. Respect is something reserved for people who persevere through adversity to somebody who conquers cancer or...
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    Silly ptsd conversations

    My wife playfully gives me a hard time about my brain not being all there and then in return I will use my PTSD as the playful excuse for something. We have found that humour and laughter are great medicines.
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    can ppl with severe ptsd improve overtime?

    When I was diagnosed I threw everything I could at it. I've done yoga, meditation, coloring, gardening, aromatherapy, journaling, daily affirmations, peer support groups as well as reading everything I can on PTSD........knowledge is power which gives me power over it. I am quite cerebral about...
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    can ppl with severe ptsd improve overtime?

    For me the angry emotional outbursts have ceased which is a good thing. I am now much better at being aware when I am triggered and stopping the cascade of negative emotions from continuing on. My flashbacks have ceased as have the nightmares, vivid dreams frustration and irritation and...
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    can ppl with severe ptsd improve overtime?

    Not going to's a 24/7/365 job staying ontop of your symptoms is possible !!
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    can ppl with severe ptsd improve overtime?

    Unfortunately for me my PTSD/Depression is the direct result of being a 1st responder where some of the symptoms of PTSD are actually well engrained in me because of training (i.e. hypervigilence). I would say that for some, sure PTSD can fuel you in emergencies but for others, especially 1st...
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    can ppl with severe ptsd improve overtime?

    Absolutely. Your perspective and attitude plays a major factor in your recovery howevere. If you don't really believe you can recover you likely won't. If you just wait for recovery to happen it likely won't. For me after being diagnosed with severe PTSD and severe Major Depressive Disorder with...
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    are you open with people about personal things such as mental illness and trauma?

    I have found there are 3 types of people who talk to me about my mental health and PTSD/Depression. Those that deserve a full and detailed answer or explanation, those that deserve a 1 word answer and those that deserve nothing. For example there are some that I have talked with where I went...
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    affects of c-ptsd compared to regular ptsd?

    There are 2 kinds of people, those that wait fo recovery to happen and those that make recovery the second type !
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    affects of c-ptsd compared to regular ptsd?

    C-ptsd.....using myself as an example...........more likely to have emotional flashbacks as opposed to somatic or visual. More likely to have substance abuse issues and addictive behaviours. Emotional dysregulation...........I have an incredibly dificult time just trying to label exactly what...
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    Therapists - What has been your therapist experience?

    On my first. She has become the third most important woman in my life next to my wife and my daughter!!!
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    Difficulty using language to explain things I know

    The question is can you put together words in the way that you want them to be in your other words can your inner dialog voice construct the sentences as you think they need to be constructed. C-PTSD has a way of messing with the parts of the brain responsible for language (I believe I...
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    Sufferer Retired FF with PTSD

    Welcome to the club. I am an active FF of 27 years. While I say active, I have been off work for the past 6 months dealing with the severe PTSD/ severe MDD that I was diagnosed with earlier in the year. Weekly therapy has helped quite a bit. My retirement is just under 2.5 years but who is...