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    I need advice on managing dysregulation

    Of course you can share! That's why I really like this place; it lets you know you're not alone when other people share. I'm still very much struggling. I had to create some boundaries with my SO, because he has been exhibiting some toxic behavior. He is going through his own struggles right...
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    I need advice on managing dysregulation

    It has been awhile since I've been here. I've had someone close to me to share my ptsd experience with, so I have had help managing some of my symptoms. But this is the month I was sexually assaulted so I'm having a really hard time just existing. I'm struggling with my negative emotions being...
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    I don't know how to keep things going

    I have fallen in love with someone unavailable and I don't know how to let go. They mean so much to me so I don't want to lose them, but I don't know how to sustain our unorthodox relationship. I have been putting up with so much to keep us close, and a part of me is ready to cut ties, but my...
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    The mistakes we make with boundaries

    I'm currently struggling with this too. I'm discovering there are new fears and anxieties I have in me that are making really hard to feel safe around people I consider friends. I'm having to relearn how to express my boundaries because I never had the chance as a kid; growing up in a...
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    Feeling chest pains again caused by triggers, need to set boundary with a close friend

    So one of my closest friend, if not my closest, called me last night to talk about some drama at her work because it relates to my manager. We work at 2 different companies but my manager volunteers at hers. My manager and I have gotten pretty close and that makes her weary so she does her best...
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    always hitting a wall

    I have this same problem too and right now it's 5am and I haven't been able to fall back asleep in the last 2hrs cause I had a pretty emotional day. The day was filled with positive emotions but because they remind me of my source of trauma, I'm having a hard time processing them
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    Other Protecting myself

    I do everything I can to compartmentalize my life because privacy and safety means so much to me. My family is the root cause of my anxiety disorder, and my ex is the direct cause of my PTSD. So I need to separate the two lives as such, in order to not self-destruct. And in the process, I must...
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    Overwhelmed with having to talk about my ptsd with anyone

    Yeah I need to find a therapist that I feel comfortable talking to but I have to wait until I get on my own insurance, which unfortunately could take another 12weeks. So at the moment I'm struggling being my own therapist lol shit is exhausting and draining
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    Overwhelmed with having to talk about my ptsd with anyone

    I'm discovering that I'm just not good about sharing my emotions if they feel negative. I internalize a lot so it actually feels uncomfortable talking about my emotions and thoughts, even with therapists (well really only one). But I need to over come this because I want to retry being in a...
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    I felt afraid but came across angry when I didn’t feel angry...

    I'm the complete opposite. When I feel scared, which happens off and on I'm the complete opposite with how I react to fear. I internalize it cause that's how I had to grow up. Cause of my ptsd and how closely it relates to everyday life, I struggle with panic attacks on a daily basis. But...
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    Still so broken

    Everything hurts and I feel so consumed with pain. A part of me feels like it's due to my birth control that I feel so worthless right now (i take the 3 month one so it's a lot of hormones), but I also feel like I'm just still so broken and any feeling of intimacy terrifies me where I just...
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    Fear of Intimacy

    I started this new job a few weeks ago and I've been hitting it off with a fellow employee. We talk pretty often throughout the week and we've even gone bar hopping together. I think I'm developing a crush on him and he on I. While outside of work we flirt and it's nice but I've noticed I've...
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    Relearning to trust

    Thank you so much for the tips and advice!! I don't think I'm even there yet, where I can feel comfortable being in the same bed with another guy with full on clothes. I'm just frustrated with how far behind I feel I am. I'm fine with a quick hug but anything more freaks me out and I can feel...
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    Relearning to trust

    Like why I'm a like this? What happened to me? Why/how I have ptsd? These kinds of questions is what I'm afraid to talk about. I feel like they'd abandon me out of frustration and lack of patience due to my ptsd. I think I might also have abandonment issues that link with the rape so I'm also...
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    Relearning to trust

    I think you're right, I gotta wait. It just sucks so much not knowing when or if I'll ever be ok and having to worry about people asking questions. But thank you for the advice!
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    Relearning to trust

    I'm at a weird stage of my recovery where I want to try dating again but everytime I think about it I start getting chest pains and hyperventilating. I pretty much have a mini panic attack when I picture myself with someone My ex raped me so I'm petrified of intimacy and opening up to someone...
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    Dreamt about my ex who raped me again

    This time it wasn't a nightmare or a night terror. It's been a long time since I've had a dream with him in it, but they're usually of him hurting me. Sometimes in the form of flashbacks. But this time it was different I was lying down with friends in some kind of large hammock, talking about...
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    I feel like I'm at my wits end

    I'm still being plagued with night terrors and insomnia and it has been 3yrs of this. They used to be worse to the point where I was experiencing sleep apnea and sleep paralysis. I'm so mentally exhausted at this point that I don't know how much more I can take. I've never truly felt suicidal...
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    Sexual Assault Coping with ptsd symptoms - sexual assault following childhood trauma

    Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me. It means so much and it's been helpful!
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    I was homeless for a bit to escape a bad situation. I became a dog walker to accommodate it and luckily have kind friends who I would switch off from time to time so not to be in anyone's hairs. It helped for sometime but it's not a lifestyle based on consistency so if it happens to you...
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    Sexual Assault Coping with ptsd symptoms - sexual assault following childhood trauma

    Thank you for the comforting advice. I'm supposed to be doing these "abc" exercises that are to identify your thoughts and emotions relating to an event in order to decrease anxiety and panic attacks but so many negative things keep happening in my life that I've struggled to do the exercises on...
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    Sexual Assault Coping with ptsd symptoms - sexual assault following childhood trauma

    It happened 3yrs ago and it's overwhelming thinking about it (I'm in tears right now) but I was raped and I need serious help because I can barely work anymore and my mental state is completely fractured that I'm struggling so much to just finish my bachelors degree. The constant flashbacks...