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    Fibro Fibro and EMDR

    For those who suffer from Fibro and have gone through EMDR, I'd love to hear your experiences. Has EMDR helped relieve symptoms, made them worse or something else? TIA
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    Favorite yoga videos?

    Just what the title says, what are your favorite yoga videos? TIA 💕 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️
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    Should I switch to an EMDR therapist?

    I've been working with a counselor for a few months now and although I like and trust her, I'm not sure I am getting what I need. When I look at her profile, there's not really anything about focusing on trauma and no EMDR. There is another counselor in my area whose bio makes it seem like we...
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    Tips for a very kinesthetic learner

    As someone who is very hands-on and action-oriented, I'm really struggling with the typical therapy of sitting and talking through things. I'm so sick of reading about meditation, mindfulness, breath work, bio feedback, etc. Those things are all great when I'm in a less agitated mood, but lately...
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    Scared of bosses, co-workers and clients/customers: What type of work?

    Due to my cpstd issues, I am always anxious about working for others or having clients/customers. Any little bit of criticism and I feel like I'm a failure or that they're mad at me and hate me. If clients leave or I don't get great reviews, I feel like I've let everyone down. No matter what job...
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    Horses! Who are my horse-loving friends?

    Hi All, I'm new here and am looking for new friends with a common interest...PONIES! Horses have saved me from myself for years. They have been my mane (see what I did there?) friends and therapists. They are the ones who hear all of my secrets and dry all of my tears. I honestly don't think I...
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    Sufferer I wasn't beaten so I don't deserve to use a diagnosis as an excuse

    This will be long and unedited. I just need to put this out into the universe. I don't expect anyone to actually read it. Where to start? My depression and anxiety became unbearable a couple of months ago so I finally decided to see if a counselor could help me figure out a couple of things. I...