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  1. anthony

    Friendships and Chronic PTSD

    This does not meet the criterion for a PTSD diagnosis. You are literally attempting to compare your bad experience to someone who has been raped, tortured towards death, been in war, etc. Shitty behaviour, sure. PTSD? Not a chance. If a professional told you you have PTSD from that specific...
  2. anthony

    Our Pets

    I’m confident that Lily is still working on world domination, cuteness one hooman at a time. Mia, her trusty sidekick, distracts you while Lily dominates you to love her forever.
  3. anthony

    Sexual Assault Interacting with my 1st Rapist

    Kids do stupid shit.... not an excuse, just the reality of growing up. We all own what we do at the end of the day, regardless of hormones, not having a brain, etc etc... but people learn as they age and gain experience in life. Some better, some worse, some no change. I am not the same person I...
  4. anthony

    Triggered by FKA Twigs Lawsuit

    Everyone has an opinion, is all. Its not a problem... just diversity. Take what is helpful, disregard the rest, and that way you never get into arguing your opinion.
  5. anthony

    Healthy weight loss

    I'm lucky if I check my weight monthly.... there are many variables otherwise that can screw with your head. If I'm a kg heavier than last month, I simply aim to have removed that over the next month.
  6. anthony

    Healthy weight loss

    This is a HUGE issue with anti-depressants. They claim to reduce depression, yet many make you more depressed AND/OR they add side effects that then cause depression, ie. weight gain. If you don't like yourself, that is a massive part of depression. Meds are tricky. There is a difference though...
  7. anthony

    If the trauma is caused from someone I love

    Therapist would be a good idea.
  8. anthony

    Healthy weight loss

    If you go down the route of starting with all you can eat of healthy food, the only really healthy food that fits this is usually fruit that is primarily water based (apples, watermelon, etc), and some lean meats. But if you cover the meat in sauce, or other item, you undo everything just said...
  9. anthony

    Healthy weight loss

    Oh... and don't shift to artificial sweetened products as snacks. They're just as bad for you in other ways, and will not help you long-term. I have a shelf of rice snacks. I use them to snack, and I snack all day. I used cup of noodle soups, stuff like that, as it takes you longer to consume...
  10. anthony

    Healthy weight loss

    What I know about weight loss from my experiences, is that it must be lifestyle, not a fad. You have to be realistic. Get rid of all junk food, and that means a lot of crap in packets. No bread, pasta, fruit juice, etc. My advice is to research what you plan to eat, and do an honest evaluation...
  11. anthony

    Complete Delete my data

    Hi, we do not delete data, we delete your personal information. Your posted content will remain with a random username assigned. I will do this now for you.
  12. anthony

    News Worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus (covid-19)

    They fine everyone here in Australia, thus it happens less, but still happens. It tends to make the news now when some clown does have a party if against rules at the time.
  13. anthony

    What apartment or house features do you need to feel "safe?"

    We live in an apartment, and its pretty secure, but there is no such thing as totally secure. The best security systems get circumvented. For general piece of mind, our building is quite secure. We have secure boomgate and solid gate entry to the carpark. The carpark has total mobile coverage...
  14. anthony

    Madness, Insanity & The World Wide Web

    Trying to holiday out of state was an epic fail. NSW covid outbreak allowed us two days in Qld, then we had to quickly return incase we got locked out due to all the nonsense in NSW. Oh well... we got two days with family. Sticking to holidaying in Vic for the foreseeable future whilst Covid is...
  15. anthony

    Madness, Insanity & The World Wide Web

    Right back at you. Have a great holiday.
  16. anthony

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    On behalf of myself and all our volunteer staff that keep this place running, I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays. Have a great Christmas, the best we all can with Covid, and be safe in the new year. I personally want to thank all MyPTSD staff. These people give their time...
  17. anthony


    Some may have noticed that the donation goal is now not reached. It was previously about $60 or so over the limit. What happened? I logged in the other day and seen the donation goal had reset. Weird, I thought. It's not supposed to do that until 1 Jan. Taking a look at it, the software had for...
  18. anthony

    What Did You Eat And Drink Last?

    Indian. Something with rice and chicken.
  19. anthony

    Firewall Changes

    I've made some further tweaks to our firewall, where an automatic check is done from anyone on the continents of Africa, Antarctica, Asia and South America. If the user is legit in their browser, it should automatically pass them through to the site with no further checks. If the system detects...
  20. anthony

    Madness, Insanity & The World Wide Web

    Mine is slightly different... travelling Australia instead of the world. After we finish renovations, my next project is to build a 4x4 tourer. Something that can access all of Australia without issue, with a nice iKamper 4x on top of it. Maybe even a small bed behind (expedition 12 by Zone RV)...
  21. anthony

    Madness, Insanity & The World Wide Web

    PTSD and holidays. What a paradox! Need recovery days from taking time away from home. Geez. We only went away for 3 nights, and I was moody for half that time just trying to recover. Just needed chill time and all good again. I think the most relaxing holiday I've ever had was upon cruise...
  22. anthony

    Madness, Insanity & The World Wide Web

    Our Mia just loves the beach. Rolling and playing in the sand, let alone beating-up her sister, smashing her into the sand and tossing her round for self amusement.
  23. anthony

    Research Are You Familiar With David Burns TEAM CBT (his update to Feeling Good & the top ten distorted cognitions)?

    Started reading this last night... a huge variation between the first and second books. You can instantly read the experience difference of 20+ years between them both.
  24. anthony

    How to use triggers as a means to recovery?

    Very welcome.