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    General How long can a person disassociate after trauma?

    My ex girlfriend went through having an abortion 7 months ago. Since then I have tried asking her to go to therapy together to unpack it and talk about it. Her reasonings were due to covid and our lack of jobs, and her fear of her disapproving parents. She shuts down the conversation pretty...
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    She is avoiding me.

    My ex broke up with me primarily because she lost trust in me and she connected me to her trauma she unfortunately suffered the last year. She said, "I connect you directly to the negativity of our last year and I can't disconnect you, I have tried." For context, please check my post history...
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    Relationship My ex with CPTSD blamed me for everything, and I am left feeling like I am nothing.

    ******LONG READ ****** So lets begin with the good. I am 27 (M) she is 28 (F). My ex and I were together for 6 years. I became very close with her family and siblings. Constantly going over to their houses for family events, dinners, and doing double dates with her siblings and their partners...