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    Finding A Therapist In UK (for dummies!)

    Hey! I'm looking for a Therapist (UK) which I've never done before. All my Therapists up to this point have worked at the Hospital/Placement that I've been at so I've never had to look for my own. I'm not entirely sure if I'm going to get myself a 'private' Therapists yet, I just want to keep...
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    Sufferer Hello (: CPTSD, looking to not feel so alone, as I may be moving out on my own.

    I never know how to introduce myself, but I wanted to write something somewhere as I've just joined. Here seemed like a good place to do it. It was my Birthday yesterday, I think right now I'm just lucky I don't get hangovers yet lol. It was good actually, considering the UK is still in...
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    Untranslatable Words

    The idea of starting a diary is something i've contemplated for a while now, and I think I'm finally at a point in my journey where this will be pretty beneficial for me. I feel like I am at a point in my life where I need to heal, rather then spend the rest of my life running from my Childhood...