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  1. AnnieMae

    Overwhelmed With Stress & Anxiety - Looking For Help

    My dad has cancer, I’m 37 living with my parents suffering from severe anxiety. I hate my job, I am a goddamn criminal, and I am going back to court. I’m trying to focus on life and I can’t. I can’t effing focus? I am so full of anxiety about court. And everyone ignores me and how I feel. I...
  2. AnnieMae

    Hypervigilance all the time

    I will always have hypervigilance due to my circumstances. Nothing is getting better. I keep freaking out all the time. I can’t stop. I can’t believe all of this happened to me and my life is ruined. He told me not to eff with him. He stole my money and my life from me. Took it all away. Pulled...
  3. AnnieMae

    Suggestions for Hypervigilance

    Does anyone have any suggestions on things that have helped with hypervigilance? I am open to anything. From meds, meditation... I have tried a lot, but just want it to die down.
  4. AnnieMae

    Anyone have signs of recovery?

    Is there anyone that is at a point of close “recovery” in which they no longer have breakdowns or freak out about things? If so, how did you overcome those challenges? Mine is being emotionally mature. I cannot do it anymore. I know it all started with the emotional abuse to me, but I can’t get...
  5. AnnieMae

    My diary of random thoughts

    I am so confused! How do you love yourself and see good in yourself when no one else does? I am sad, lonely, and feel hopeless because no one can help me make friends. No one can help me find love. Even though I was treated like crap, lied to and screwed over in bad ways, I miss the feeling of...
  6. AnnieMae

    Not Getting Better - Stressed By Criminal Record

    Circumstances just keep getting worse. I had the perfect life until I was screwed over. I was told, by him, years later that it was because he was being vindictive. Now I have a criminal record that I can’t get rid of. I am so freaked out. I hate the way I feel, and I cannot handle stress...
  7. AnnieMae

    Sufferer Experiencing Confusion - PTSD/CPTSD Anxiety - Domestic Violence

    My whole life changed. I went through a horrible divorce. I was strung alone no and played. I made a bad decision to go to the house and my ex tackled me in the driveway. I fought him off of me. At that moment, I was never the same. I went into the house, he had a girlfriend over. He pulled a...