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  1. Eagle3

    Feeling Invalidated By My Therapist

    Issues like this are why I run like hell from mainstream therapists and found an attachment/trauma specialist with an Eastern philosophical background. I'm ASD as well, I can intellectually process things all day long, but I can't EMOTIONALLY express/process anything. I needed to find a...
  2. Eagle3

    After session is there is always something that wasn't said?

    For the first 5 years with my current trauma T, I'd email him whenever something major came up that either missed the session, or couldn't wait for the next session. He almost never responded more than a sentence or two, but I needed that outlet and was so grateful he allowed it. Now, he's gone...
  3. Eagle3

    General Rant about the US medical system

    Yeah, I'm a victim of similar issues in the American medical system. The whole thing just sucks balls. Needs an overhaul, and some serious humanity shot back into the system. Right now, everyone's so tied up in knots "following the law" that lots of people who need real help are left flapping in...
  4. Eagle3

    News Doctor-Assisted Death For Those Living With Ptsd

    Actually, he knows exactly what he's doing, and is right to do things this way. Having someone who recognizes my struggles and validates me gives me the strength to keep fighting. Its why I see him.
  5. Eagle3

    News Doctor-Assisted Death For Those Living With Ptsd

    I should have posted in this thread earlier, but I'm just now understanding the argument from all sides of lived experience. I'm totally for assisted-death for anyone who really wants it. wHo are we to judge another person's experiences? Since most of the environmental factors are ones that CAN...
  6. Eagle3

    How did this go from DBT to The Secret?!

    Sending out private contact info is a serious HIPPA violation. Not only does this "therapist's" behavior indicate he needs supervision and instruction, quite honestly, he needs to lose his license to practice considering all the unethical behavior he's engaged in. I agree, a lawyer should be on...
  7. Eagle3

    Feeling disconnected from therapist

    I'm struggling with this right now too. I NEED in-person sessions to feel any kind of connection, not to mention the fact my T was the only source of hugs in my life! He's been giving me one in-person session a month, but I've had to move to every other week, and supplement with massages every...
  8. Eagle3

    Mental Health students, workers, & professionals

    I'm involved in behavioral and mental health, but not a therapist for many reasons. I consider myself more of a theoretical psychologist, although I only have a Bachelor's of Science in psych. As a sufferer, I find it impossible to be a supporter at the same time, at least on a full-time basis...
  9. Eagle3

    Play fighting/wrestling

    So, I have an understanding with my group. For various health reasons, I tell them regularly that I only have 2 emergency rolls in me per night, and if I feel healthy enough, I may practice rolls and breakfalls after class. This means they give me the option to "walk out" of techniques instead...
  10. Eagle3

    Play fighting/wrestling

    That's why I joined a Ki-Aikdio group. After years of brutal martial arts that my body can't do anymore, I get to play with Aiki-fruities!! It gives me a feeling of battle-play, without the intensity or competition, and they're REALLY good about being careful with my fragile body. Weapons work...
  11. Eagle3

    Searching for a hobby has made things worse

    Yeah, when I'm in the thick of a nasty depression, I just hide in my room and sleep. Only on rare occasions can I break myself out of it by playing with my horses, but if the depression is especially strong even that won't faze it. Like the others have said, find your way through this depression...
  12. Eagle3

    Horses! Who are my horse-loving friends?

    I've loved horses since birth practically, and as a kid often traded barn chores for riding lessons in NE OK. I've done lots of volunteering at therapeutic riding stables over the years. The last 2 years I've been working for pay with therapeutic riding horses and loving every minute of it, but...
  13. Eagle3

    what's your most annoying triggers?

    For me, its any reference to Christianity. Anything from Christmas music, to someone saying "God bless you!" when I sneeze. Living in the Deep South, I can't get away from this one...annoying as all F*CK!!
  14. Eagle3

    Exercise for mental health symptoms with chronic pain

    I really struggle with this because I have several physical issues that make exercise a dangerous thing for me, yet moving is so necessary to keep the pain and depression at manageable levels. Its such a tightrope, and some days I walk it better than others. Right now, I'm on a slump that has...
  15. Eagle3

    Does anyone else struggle with Christmas?

    Yeah, I hate Christmas now. I was raised in a Christian cult, so anything remotely Christian is a total trigger. It sucks because I still live with my FOO, and they're still Christians (and my parents are still in the cult). I do everything I can to avoid any kind of "celebrations" with them. I...
  16. Eagle3

    Totally Refractory - Anyone Else Find That Absolutely No Meds Help?!?

    I totally relate! I keep telling docs that mood stabilizers and anti-depressants just make things worse, and they never believe me until they see it for themselves. Drives me NUTS!!! After the last round of "lets try daily benzo's!" that nearly sent me to the hospital for ideation, I refuse to...
  17. Eagle3

    Other Thoughts from the Spectrum??? My Mom

    See, this is a major reason why, as an adult on the Spectrum, I refused to have kids...I know I'm not capable of being emotionally present or socially savvy enough to be a proper parent. It's true she may not be capable of giving you what you need, and it hurts like hell, I know. Fairly...
  18. Eagle3

    Dissociating physical pain away

    OMG, story of my life, literally. I can't discuss anything with doctors because they don't believe I'm actually in pain. Between Autism, PTSD, and degenerative genetic disorders in my joints, I'm in CONSTANT pain but cannot express it in a way anyone recognizes. I get so much stuff done while in...
  19. Eagle3

    I fear I'm going to kill someone

    The thing that sets me off the worst is bullies. The kind of bully that uses intimidation or narcissistic ideals to get what they want. For some reason ? I feel it better to just remove a bully from existence than to try to reason with them. Have NO idea where that feeling comes from... ? I...
  20. Eagle3

    I fear I'm going to kill someone

    I have this issue, too. When triggered (and it has happened several times) I will get so outraged that I literally can't see. Its at these times I have to walk away completely from the person, or I'm going for the kill. I have advanced ranking in several Martial Art styles and frequently train...
  21. Eagle3

    Groceries in the time of covid

    I have some pretty substantial Oppositional Defiant Disorder, so I go opposite the arrows on principle. I know, I'm an assh*le. Now, if the aisle is too full, I'll skip it, but as far as directional instructions, I give society the Finger!! I also use a LOT of online shopping and only go into...
  22. Eagle3

    Hospitalization has been recommended

    Just an update, I ended up not going. I'm in a better place now, so no hospital for now.
  23. Eagle3

    Learning to drive later in life

    I didn't get my license until I was 28 (for various health and safety reasons). Once I got my license I stayed on local streets for years, but then I took a job as a delivery driver and suddenly I had to navigate the nasty interstates of the 5th largest city in America. After my 2 years of...
  24. Eagle3

    The field of psychology and other jobs

    I was considering becoming a therapist, but realized my inability to relate on a human level is going to make that impossible, after getting my undergrad degree in psychology. I'm totally burnt out on the whole "therapist" role, having grown up doing that. However, since my natural predilection...
  25. Eagle3

    Need support, maybe starting meds

    I'm not on anti-depressants because they tend to increase my suicidality, which is the LAST thing I need right now. I'm also god-awfully depressed at the moment, and when I see a psychiatrist next month I'm SURE they will try to put me on something, even with my history. I know my depression is...