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    My Diaries by FreeSoul

    I decided to make a single thread in which I will post my problems, experiences, solutions, happy moments of recovery (even if little), etc. so that I don't have to make a new thread every time I post something new.
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    Triggered By Criticism And Accusations And Seeing Conflict

    I imagine standing up for myself against a bully/an abuser, or sharing my opinion with someone, I immediately see another person accusing me back or criticizing my opinion. I do have a very critical father, and over the past 4 years have been accused back when I tried to stand for myself against...
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    Other Why does he hit his head?

    I have a nephew, about 10 months old. I was holding him in my arms and he started hitting his head on my face, and then was hitting his head with his hand. About a month back, my mother told me he was hitting his head on the wall. His mother was exposed to my narcissistic father when she was...
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    Sufferer Victim of emotional neglect and emotional abuse by family, sexually assaulted, & witness to the physical abuse of my brothers.

    I am a 37 years old male who grew up in an emotionally neglected and emotionally abusive family. I was emotionally bullied by my parents, and 5 elder siblings, neighbours, relatives, teachers; and sexually abused by labourers who worked and lived in my neighbourhood during my childhood. I was...