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    Does anyone else getting weirded out . . .

    . . . when a person of the opposite sex who is at least 20 years younger than you comes on to you? This has happened to me most recently on FB the other day when a much, much younger guy with whom I am not friends sent me a message saying, "Hello, pretty." I mean, sure, it's flattering when...
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    Song-cultural analysis

    Anyone feel up to doing this kind of thing? I was a lit crit/writer til PTSD kicked my ass. Now after my second ART session I'm kind of feeling up to exploring cultural analysis from a pop culture song from the 80s, which I've always found very interesting on several fronts: antebellum U.S...
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    News Las vegas massacre

    Praying for the families and friends of all those lost and injured tonight, as well as everyone else affected. When will we learn to not sell guns willy nilly to anyone who wants them? Sorry if this comment "offends" some people. I'm offended when people use guns to mow other people down.
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    Trauma t, art (accelerated resolution therapy), and me

    So I saw my T yesterday. I was all set to resume Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART). I was going to go gung ho on my first trauma. No more dallying around. A couple hours before my appt. I thought about that and thought about how I would rewrite that assault, then I got really nauseous and...
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    News Harvey

    Just want to send my prayers and best wishes to all living on the Texas coast. I hope everyone in the danger zone gets out safely by today and survives the hunkering down till the hurricane passes.
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    13-year old girl abducted in texas

    National Weather Service Watch Warning Advisory Summary Please keep an eye out, Texas members. This is not a weather warning. The National Weather Service also regularly conveys other kinds of warnings. This is a child abduction.
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    I'm guessing most of us, at least in the U.S., have heard of the canary in the coal mine. Miners would take a caged canary down with them and if the canary keeled over, they knew it was not safe for them to remain working there. My T yesterday told me I was a canary. That all of us with PTSD...
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    News Beware - this is freaky

    I thought this might be a joke, but I looked up the actual study and it's for real. Dead Link Removed
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    Fibro Fibromyalgia

    So, I was diagnosed with this yesterday. I had been suspecting it for a few weeks but didn't really know. All I know is the pain. It feels like whenever I finally get a handle on something, the universe throws something else at me. Anyway, I'd really appreciate hearing from other fibro...
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    Feel Like I'm Losing My Mind, Kind Of Scared

    I'm not sure where to put this. For the last hour or so, I've been in some kind of weird state I can't remember experiencing before. I feel overloaded. I feel like I can't comprehensd anything or take anything in. Going to the ER isn't out of the question. I'm not having a physical anxiety...
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    Medical Mental Exercises To Help Sprains?

    So I've been in PT for sciatica and somehow ended up with something worse, sprained ribs on my left side. (I'm pretty sure it was a side plank exercise that did this.) This has really done me in. TMJ is acting up again plus I've got some undiagnosed pain in my wrist and hand. All are worse...
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    Powdered Magnesium For Anxiety

    Saw my psych today and asked about OTC medicines for occasional panic attacks as I'd like to avoid Ativan and Klonopin, even for emergencies. He said he takes a couple tablespoons of Calm (brand name for a powdered magnesium) every morning and it helps immediately with anxiety. Says you mix it...
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    News Rip, Mary Tyler Moore

    I was raised on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." I always really liked it but never appreciated what it really meant to me. Reading her obit makes me grateful I lived in a time and place where she portrayed this good role model for young women. Mary Tyler Moore, beloved TV actress, dies at 80 -...
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    Research New Psychiatric Times Article On Ptsd

    Interesting article: Link Removed
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    News Just A Place To Convey Our Condolences Re Ft. Lauderdale

    Welcome to the first mass U.S. shooting of 2017. My prayers and condolences to all who lost loved ones and all who are fighting for their lives right now. Also praying the shooter gets the help he needs to never do anything like this again.
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    Rip, Dear Mr. Wong

    Wow, I found this fascinating and thought others might, too. I never knew this. What a story.
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    Staying Safe At A Truck Stop Overnight

    One of my best friends is driving down south to be with her partner for the winter. She's taking animals and no motels on her route will take them, so she decided she'll have to sleep in her vehicle at a truck stop along the way (it's a loooong two-day drive). She will have a firearm in her...
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    Holiday Foods (or How I Learned To Like Holidays After Leaving Home)

    I for one would really like to hear about holiday food traditions from members around the world -- Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Eid, Easter, you name it. When I was still living at home, holidays were worse than ordinary days. My mom was even more irritable and prone to picking fights. I...
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    News Inspirational Woman

    She climbed Mt. Everest at age 35 and other mountains on every continent. I could never do that, but I'm inspired by her. Junko Tabei, first woman to climb Mount Everest, dead at 77 -
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    Accelerated Resolution Therapy

    My therapist is going to do a three-day training this weekend to get certified for this therapy. It sounds hopeful and I'm looking forward to trying it. Has anyone else done this? I'd appreciate any stories anyone wants to share.
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    Other Triggered By Trump

    I am starting this thread as a specific place to discuss feelings about being triggered by Trump's words and actions. I know there's a political Trump thread and that's good for discussing the broader societal situation, but this is to discuss our emotional reactions to Trump and to hopefully...
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    How Much Time Do You Spend Talking To Your Animals?

    It seems like I spend a large amount of my day talking to our animals. I was just talking to our little girl cat Sonja who is lying next to me and our part-time dog Gunner who's a few feet away from me, and thought, jeez, I spend a lot of time talking to these guys. Anyone else? There was...
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    Weight Loss Support Thread

    Okay, so this is a thread to share tips and strategies and support each other with the goal of losing weight. I started Propranolol in April which has caused me to gain weight. I am afraid to get off it because it cured heart palpitations I had after withdrawing from Ativan. So, time to get...
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    News The Rachel Maddow Fan Thread

    I've loved Rachel's sane, measured and intelligent voice from the first time I ever saw her on MSNBC several years ago. I just came across this little article about her and was inspired to start this thread...
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    News Plagiarism: Intellectual Betrayal, Emotional Fallout

    Mods, please move this if it's not in the appropriate place. I often go back and forth about which forum to post something in and am often wrong, ha. I put it here because it's currently in the news. This plagiarism thing involving Melania Trump is bringing back bad memories. Twice in my...