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    What drug could put a person out for an extended period of time?

    I am trying to figure out what “legal, over the counter” drug my gf used to put me out? Any suggestions? He was a very handy man who had a “work bench”?
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    After a “flashback” do you feel more present day...

    I have been having intense “emotional flashbacks” for about 2 years now. And I honestly feel better. I can set boundaries now whereas before boundaries were a mystery to me! I wanted to ask everyone: what good things have come out of having flashbacks??
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    Good and bad in healing

    I started having intense flashbacks about 2 years ago and I have been aware of the pain I have had to endure great emotional pain by seeing (for the first time) what really happened to me as a child. Seeing my beloved grandmother as an enabler (aka accessory) and my moms’ youngest brother as my...
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    What helps you connect to your feelings?

    I wanted to ask everyone what techniques they use to connect with their body/feelings? for me being seated is good but being in bed laying down flat really works! Most of my feelings and somatics are at a volume of about a 1 and my busy day of running keeps these feelings at a distance. I...
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    Somatic Flashbacks Resolution?

    I have been having “somatic flashbacks” for about 8 months now and I seem to be stuck in the same place “experiencing” the same set of somatics again and again and again! when will they stop!? I think they are increasing in intensity but very slowly. Shouldn’t they be about to “burn off/go...
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    Flashback patterns?

    I have been having the same “somatic Fb” for about a year now. It is always the same symptoms. During the day today I had a memory about the 1 week in September (sophomore year) the most popular guy in school liked me. Is this “memory about him” a reference to the date that the “FB somatic” took...