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    Another question about a situation with my boyfriend

    Before I go into what happened last night, I was to say I have cPTSD (which is familiar diagnosis in the forums) and my boyfriend has Asperger's Syndrome. Here is a quick link that give a brief explanation as to what it means to have Aspergers. The hidden disability, Aspergers If you have...
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    What i am feeling is ridiculous but i'm feeling it nonetheless

    I'll keep it short and sweet. Why do I get mad and jealous when my boyfriend and I are watching a TV show or movie that has nudity and sex?
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    Medical cannabis

    Well, I have decided to do something I thought I would never do. I am applying for my medical cannabis card next week. I have been researching it for over a month and joining forums, groups, calling dispensaries, doctors, etc. I have been on so many medications since I was 18 (I am 44 now, omg I...
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    Former friend back, is she being a frenemy?

    Hi. I recently became friends again with someone who I knew months ago. I'll call her Susan for the sake of clarity. I decided to rekindle our friendship because my boyfriend at that time was manipulating me and isolating me from my friends. (I am no longer with him). So I on the off chance that...
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    Real love is scaring me ... i don't want to screw this up

    It's been a while since I have last posted. I've been dealing with life and things so much better these days. I have met the sweetest, caring, sensitive, and loving man I could ever hope to find. Everything is wonderful. Yet I keep remembering how I have been hurt in the past: sexually abused as...
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    Sufferer Cptsd, csa and meeting someone special causing triggers

    Hi, I am 43 years old. In May of this year, I met someone special that I have romantic and intimate feelings for, and he feels the same. He is 38 years old. Although I am older than he is, I have limited life experience in romantic relationships. He's been married and has three children. I've...