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    Realized this is avoidance

    I realized this week that I think sexual intimacy is a trigger for me. I feel ashamed of it because I feel like I need to be able to perform and make others happy, but I just can't do it. Every time I've had an opportunity, I've been too scared. I wish I wasn't so weird about it, but I can't...
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    Parts? Dissociation Confusion

    Just wondering if anyone has advice on this. My therapist told me it sounds like I could have dissociated parts. I've been suspecting that for a couple years, so I'm not shocked. She's recently been referring to them as maybe functioning as separate people or even having their own names. Again...
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    Undiagnosed Finally Getting Help

    I'm not sure if I'm professionally diagnosed or not. My psychologist told me I likely had PTSD and a counselor before her told me I did, but I don't think it's on my medical record so I don't want to steal the term from people or anything. Either way, I do have trauma from childhood. I'm...