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    End of the day thoughts

    Sometimes I feel like I wish I was dead. Like I don’t care anymore. Like it would be easier to not have to deal with anything. I feel lost and numb. I’ve had a productive day, I cleaned my room, I went to the gym, I rested when I felt I needed rest, and yet I feel nothing as I lay down to go to...
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    Hard to be hopeful. how do you stay positive?

    I was going to post about how a year has gone by since my trauma, and how hopeful I was about the future. Then, on the anniversary of the stabbing on campus, someone broke into my home. This was something I had nightmares about, although I am thankful that I was not home and my roommate was not...
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    Undiagnosed Someone Who Understands

    Almost a year ago there was a stabbing on my campus. One of my fellow classmates walked in our classroom and stabbed one student. After the student broke free, he tried to stab the person next to me, at that point I didn't even think I just ran across the classroom. One of the students in the...