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    Poll How much does your doc know of your trauma history?

    Yes my doctors know about what i have this has been going on for some time now.
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    What do you need emotionally right now, and why?

    Yes you are right about that, and sometimes that is all you need is the joy of laughter. That is for sure. Glad to hear that you are on here. Awesome
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    Finish up with my college degree and onto working for a better life

    Hello, Good afternoon everyone! I hope everyone doing pretty good. I definitely enjoy being on here, and learning from other people.
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    mom who has severe mental illness

    I dont know what you mean by a supporter I am on here to get support from others
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    mom who has severe mental illness

    yeah i am here on the forum so of course its me
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    mom who has severe mental illness

    Yes I do. I already have plans for that already. It will be soon enough I got plans in May to go over there
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    mom who has severe mental illness

    no i am not 62 years old. my mom is
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    What do you need emotionally right now, and why?

    definitely laughter would help a lot, and someone who is there for me.
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    mom who has severe mental illness

    62 years old, she repeats the same ocd behaviors, and when she doesn't get her way. She keeps on calling people and making people feel guilty for her sickness. that is the truth
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    mom who has severe mental illness

    Hello, i would like to know how do you deal with a family member that becomes so toxic. I really don't like her toxicity, It bothers me a lot, and I really hate having her question into getting into my personal life, she is always so noisy with everything in my life. I have been wanting to move...
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    Sufferer Hello, PTSD From Childhood And Military

    Good day to you
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    What Are You Grateful For Today?

    i am grateful that now i have a job, finished up my college courses for healthcare, and have food in my stomach
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    Sufferer Help - Former Nurse Of 35 Years, Struggling With PTSD For 10, & At Wits’ End

    aww wow i see that it sounds very struggling for you. I hope you are doing well
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    Intense Emotions after Sex

    That has happened to me before too, and i am glad that i am looking at this topic because i know this is something that I would ever wish for anyone, enough therapy and working out would help me to get over associating myself with bad negative past experiences
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    Parents that are toxic

    i contacted someone over youtube about low-income housing, so thank you for all the advice. i will continue with my journey to ensure i get where i want to be
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    Parents that are toxic

    Yes i had enough for sure, this isn't what i wanted for myself. I definitely have been looking, and wow, that isn't good. Thank you
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    Parents that are toxic

    How can i work on getting past my family members being so toxic? I am working on moving out so I don't have to deal with my dysfunctional family. I am just out of words. I rather not have to deal with the horrible words and disgust. M y father is very narcissistic and my mom has mental health...
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    How do you stop being so hard on youself?

    that is awesome! It took you for an 8 week course to do that, and to be able to have the compassion that you have is truly remarkable. awesome
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    What are your pet peeves ?

    inconsistency, complainers, naggers
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    I graduated, my family ignored it

    yes it does bother me too but that is common for most toxic families. .especially dysfunctional ones, and thank you i appreciate that,
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    Driving concerns.

    i had the same problem which is why i decided to get a self-driven car. I don't want to sit there and practice. it's just too much i rather just go and invest in a car, and let that be my goal to doing
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    Trust Issues and Anger

    Omg wow this sounds to be exactly how my situation turns into too. My ex was an abusive person and then turn into my father. It was crazy, I feel for you because when the times get tough you got two people in your life that become your worst enemy! My goodness, I am so sorry to hear that. I...
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    Sufferer Hello - CPTSD From Abusive Childhood - Masters Student Struggling With Memory & Recall Issues Making School & Job Seeking Difficult

    I believe that is very common for a lot of ppl that have been in abusive relationships. I would say get enough support for healthy support groups this is one common way, and then be persistent, Nowadays they have apps to help with staying steady on your income. I would suggest downloading those...
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    I'm stuggling! Is that good or bad relationship? Please, help

    Anytime you are bringing someone into a relationship especially family there will be triggers of emotion there. There have to be set boundaries of what you are looking for in your relationship. I would say definitely do some reading on how to set healthy boundaries therapy can be helpful...
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    I graduated, my family ignored it

    A lot of ppl are not going to understand your achievements. My parents didn't either. If your family is dysfunctional there is a fine line between understanding and acknowledging how you are. My parents just didn't get that same opportunity, so they never appreciate my accomplishments. Realize...