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    smoking cannabis oil this okay for ptsd ?

    Hey I smoke a little pot most evenings to give myself a night off from PTSD, I personally smoke small amounts to relax myself if I've had a tough day or am stressed. There are...
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    medical marijuana?

    I have a friend in LA who uses medical MJ for her PTSD and finds it very effective Im in the UK so I can't access that but I do smoke MJ for my PTSD, obviously what Im getting here isn't as carefully selected for my symptoms as a US MMJ but I find this effective and what I need after EDMR...
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    CBD for PTSD - Your thoughts if you’ve tried it?

    I've currently been taking CBD oil (full spectrum from Green Machine) for a month or so and I am very impressed. I tried lots of other CBD oils but this is the most effective (its made with out heating the plant and uses all of the plant) most CBD oils in shops don't have the plant- they'll look...
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    Sufferer Hi guys! C-PTSD DV Survivor

    Thank you I really appreciate that though I just need to be directed to therapists who treat PTSD as curable, most of those I've had to deal with havn't and then its the hard balance of trying to find people who can be reassuring and treat you like an abuse survior as opposed to just a patient.
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    Sufferer Hi guys! C-PTSD DV Survivor

    Thank you Ladee, I really appreciate that
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    Sufferer Hi guys! C-PTSD DV Survivor

    Thank you x
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    Sufferer Hi guys! C-PTSD DV Survivor

    Hi, This is the first PTSD forum I've joined. I'm hoping together we can piece things together a bit and feel less alone. I'm 30, I've been in therapy for trauma since 2017 and depression before then. I'm in recovery for an abusive relationship in my early twenties and a rape as a teen. I only...