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    What is your definition of “trauma processing”?

    Yes, I was able to process that one memory in one 40 minute session. I've since gone on and done 2 "rooms" in that house that had many memories in them, all in single 45 minute sessions. I did a 4th "room", but it took 3 sessions and had a bit more memories. I'm now working on another area that...
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    PTSD as a mental-psychological brain injury...

    When I first learned I had PTSD, I didn't know what to think. Now I think of PTSD as an injury, or even more as my body's response to what happened to me. I don't tell anyone I have PTSD because of the stigma and literally no one would believe me or understand. I certainly don't tell people I...
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    Therapy hangover, anyone else? Any tips for managing them?

    What DharmaGirl said. Since starting EMDR, I get tired and want to do nothing. The talk therapy didn't hit me like that, but some days it wore me out. My therapist always tells me as I'm leaving to rest, do self care, and to remember my tools to help myself if needed.
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    Sufferer On-going chest pain possible?

    Hi C12 and welcome. I'm going to say the obvious first. I'm not a doctor, but I do work in the medical field, and you should definitely go and get your chest pain checked because you may be having cardiac issues. That being said, yes, this is also a "symptom" of PTSD and even stress. The...
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    often misunderstood/misinterpreted while dissociating

    Hello, I am fortunate that I don't disassociate around others very much, or for very long, but when I do I tell them things like, "Oh, sorry. I spaced out for a bit. I have slept much lately." or "My brain is tired from lack of sleep." or even that I'm having an off day. We shouldn't have to...
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    Really bad night

    When your coworkers tell you that you're making a mistake by finding another job, don't they realize that you are losing the job you have now? And even if you are able to retain your current job, can you ever really trust them after what they did and how they did it? I mean, are you kidding...
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    Brother and wife visiting, don't want them in my house

    Yes, exactly what I was planning. It's not to smooth things over with him. It's to help me be less stressed about it coming up and having to deal with it and any backlash that will most likely occur. I'm not in a place emotionally where I feel ok with dealing with that crap. Yes!!! I agree...
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    Feeling Invalidated By My Therapist

    There is definitely a problem here. This "therapist" doesn't listen to you. That alone is horrible, but add in the ridiculous fact that they defended your abuser or people who have traumatized you? That is absolutely unacceptable in any situation. You are feeling the red flags and second...
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    Brother and wife visiting, don't want them in my house

    Thank you all for the suggestions. They are very helpful!! I've decided to write out something simple, short, and to the point and have it handy so I can just read it if I need to while I'm on the phone with my brother. Letting him know ahead of time will help me feel better about it as well...
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    Brother and wife visiting, don't want them in my house

    Thank you StartingFire. No, they haven't asked to come over, but they would assume, since that's what is the norm. I'm just trying to figure out the right words and the way to say them to keep them away. I appreciate your suggestion.
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    I'm going to go to Therapy, but... I don’t know what to say about “What brings you to therapy?”

    Your description sounds like a good reason to me. Write it out and read it if you have to, but tell your therapist what's going on and what's bothering you. It doesn't matter if it makes sense or not, it's what you need help with right now, and that is exactly why we go to therapy.
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    Brother and wife visiting, don't want them in my house

    Hello, my brother and his wife are coming to visit from the other side of the country. They mainly want to visit our Mom who is assisted living near me. I do not want them to come to my house or visit with me in my house. I don't want to spend any time with them, but I probably will not be able...
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    Repressed or false memories coming up in dreams?

    Yep, I've had that happen. I'll wake up and think of something too. EMDR really brings stuff to the surface. This doesn't mean this is real or not. Give yourself some time and be open to it. You are working on intense memories in a different way that your brain is not used to. I was exhausted...
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    Stuck in therapy - Undecided on how to proceed

    "Right now I'm 50/50 on just leaving the therapy and saying "thanks for everything but I'll be moving on" or alternatively trying to talk it out but I don't really have a clear idea how. I'm also really nervous around a lot of people which doesn't work in my favor because I have difficulty...
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    defending myself

    I find the same issues with 'everyone.' Most people don't understand and it feels like they never will. That's why I don't tell people about my PTSD and that I go to therapy. People are sympathetic when I say my ex is stalking me and that he was abusive. If I say I have anxiety, depression, I'm...
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    Should I switch to an EMDR therapist?

    I can really relate to this. I also have a long history of struggling. I have CPTSD from abuse. My first therapist had trauma training (not EMDR). I did "talk therapy" with him for quite a while and he even mentioned EMDR and asked if I was interested in finding someone who did that. Eventually...
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    Post-EMDR Processing

    I've been doing EMDR for abuse that spanned 25 years. My therapist and I figured out to just take one room at a time in the house I lived with him to process. I was very skeptical, but kept an open mind. I didn't think I would see any big results. I was able to see significant results with the...
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    Therapist teary before starting session

    "I just don’t know what happened or what I did wrong, I always thought that being honest was the best way to fix this things" Yes!! In therapy you (normally) don't need to worry about doing anything wrong. Therapy is for you, and about you, and your therapist is there to support and guide you...
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    Therapist teary before starting session

    Yes, therapists sometimes cry during sessions, but they need to pull themselves together before their next client. They are human, but they also owe you their complete attention. If they are still emotional and struggling not to cry after their previous client, then they are not ready to help...
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    Afraid of sleeping

    I have a lot of nightmares. I've had them for years. I try to make my sleep environment as helpful as I can. I sleep with a light on so when I do wake I can orientate myself more quickly to where I am and know I am safe and it was just a dream. I lock and block my bedroom door with a metal post...
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    Making ADA requests

    Hi, this is so insensitive and sounds like they didn't completely read your email. I'm a supervisor at work and just high enough on the food chain to hear some of the stupidity that upper management spews. I've heard some pretty stupid things, but most of all it's pretty common for someone to...
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    Open windows >>> hypervigilance

    I feel the same way about open windows, so unsafe, so scary for me. I've found what helps is to only open them a little bit, not enough for anyone to get in and then use one of those metal clamps designed to keep the window from sliding. If you get one of those with a bar on it, it keeps the...
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    What apartment or house features do you need to feel "safe?"

    Hi, I can relate as I never feel safe. I've been out and escaped my abuser 10 years ago. I first lived in an apartment on the second floor. That helped, but I didn't feel safe. I now live in a 2 story condo. My bedroom is upstairs. That helps, but I still don't feel safe. I've discovered that it...
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    What is your definition of “trauma processing”?

    EMDR takes some time to set up. You should never jump right into it, and if a therapist wants to do that, you should walk out that door and never go back. You have to lay the ground work first... Creating a safe space and practicing going there and using breathing to calm yourself. Creating a...
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    What is your definition of “trauma processing”?

    Hi, yes, I can finally say that I have one single memory that when I now think about it, it no longer bothers me! I've been doing EMDR and a week ago we finally finished this memory and it is so strange to be able to say that it no longer "bothers me" to think about it. I have many years of...