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    Fibro Is Brain Jogging Related to Fibromyalgia and Brain Fog

    During my 50s I was suffering from fibromyalgia and brain fog after my mother, father and sister unexpectedly died within a very short time. This was too much to bear. I wasn't sleeping well nor had I any other close family ties. Functioning from day to day became difficult. Then there was my...
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    Merging Imaginary Lines into My Visually Perceived Reality Since Childhood

    After months of isolation with little more than art and music to fill the void -- I'm now wondering why I unintentionally and repeatedly perform a seemingly meaningless mental exercise of drawing imaginary diagonal lines across my bedroom walls. Boredom perhaps. Yet I've been doing this simple...
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    Vigilance and My Shut-Down of Sexual Feelings

    Perhaps, some PTSD suffers can relate. My sexual feelings never did have anything to do with my boyfriend's physical presence. The 'here and now experience' just felt too unsafe. This I always tried to hide. However when I was alone, after age 24, I could feel somewhat sexually aroused or at...
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    Sufferer PTSD Diagnosed, CSA Resolved Yet Dissociation Continues

    I was diagnosed with 'PTSD -- suspected victim of sexual abuse' after my brain surgery in 2018. From about age 4 to age 35, I had experienced non-contact sexual abuse by my father. By age 24, both my T and I thought I had resolved my sexual abuse issues. By age 28 I was falling back into...