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    Nunmens in your own life

    Common things just to fit in, like guys I've kissed, people I've seen, things I've done or experienced, like saying things and then not remembering them. Trying to (according to those whom I've hurt) seek attention. What happened is that things got out of hand sort of and those whom I've hurt...
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    Nunmens in your own life

    Hey y'all: I've been thinking a lot in the past few days about life and everything and how since my auntie died last year a lot of things have been triggered to me. I genuinely don't know what's happening, I've been lying to people I care and love without wanting to hurt them and without...
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    Dreaming about my abuse

    It's quite weird honestly. I haven't got specifically a nightmare but just recurrent dreams about different situations regarding the aftermath of my abuse. It's been already a month and I lost contact with all of them almost a month ago, but since day one. When I dream it's only stuff abused...
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    Advice needed

    The first one, only bc she needed space... I don't know, I hope nothing wrong happens to her considering the fact they are still friends...
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    Advice needed

    Thank you✨ It's been really hard understanding that bc I mean you just don't stop from one day to the next one. It's being really really hard bc like people can be shitty but also be cool, idk. It's being a rough ride. I hope one day she realizes about her toxicity and becomes a better human...
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    Coping Strategies - What new hobbies & activities are you doing as part of your healing process?

    I've been thinking one of the prettiest parts in this process is the healthy coping mechanisms we all eventually develop. So what new hobbies, activities, stuff you ended up doing as part of your healing process? I'll start! Dancing contemporary! Literally I am dancing all my pain away as days...
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    Advice needed

    Hey guys, so I could really use some advice from those you suffer from depression. So after my abuse, I lost one of my best friends sort of, she is still mad at me about what happened. Probably as equally as traumatized as me or more bc one of my abusers was her other best friend... So ummm I...
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    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    Thank you for keeping this place alive and helping us go through the gigantic task of understanding and healing.
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    Readers thread: what or who are you reading right now?

    Yeah I'm reading it very slowly because that's 100% true and at least it depends on my day and the point of process because that's 100% true. Baby steps bc still M. Atwood it's a terrific writer and she's reaaaally gooood
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    Readers thread: what or who are you reading right now?

    Handmaid's tale from Margaret Atwood
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    Sexual Assault Did my sexual assault really happen or was I just horny and drunk?

    Thank you ✨ it is really powerful to find courage in yourself and I feel grateful for not being alone and it's like a daily reminder not allow others to put more things to carry inside me
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    Using two words only, keep the story going

    Understanding pain
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    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Somewhere over the rainbow✨
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    Chat, check-in, and hang out

    Totally!!! I'm off until my spring semester starts and it feels quite good to be lazy
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    Sufferer Sexually Assaulted Almost A Month Ago

    Hi folks, I'm Mari and I am 21 yo. I am from Colombia I almost a month ago I went under a sexual assault situation. I'm not sure why I am here, I just don't want to feel so alone in this whole therapy process and recovery. This past weeks have been insane and I am just starting with the...
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    Sexual Assault Did my sexual assault really happen or was I just horny and drunk?

    Ok, a little long text ahead. (Sorry for my English, my main language is spanish) Hi I'm Mari, I'm 21 years old and I'm just starting in this whole ptsd, recovery situation. So almost a month ago, I was celebrating a high school prom with one of who I used to call my best friends. We were...
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    I feel so lonely, I don’t really have friends (VENT)

    Don't worry you are not pathetic at all, I understand you. I used to had a friend, she was four years younger than me, I consider her like a sibling in all senses of the word did the same thing to me after I was assaulted during her high school prom. I don't think people just stop caring about...