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    If I've felt suicidal after every therapy session for the past 5-7 weeks, should I quit?

    The advice all of you have given me has been really helpful! I thought about it a lot, and I think I've decided to talk to my therapist about my symptom spikes and base whether or not I'll continue seeing that therapist only on how they handle that. Thank you all so much!
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    If I've felt suicidal after every therapy session for the past 5-7 weeks, should I quit?

    Title. I most recently attempted suicide after the session two weeks ago, and I'm tempted again today. It makes me feel hopeless. Like it will never help me. All we've talked about for six weeks is school. I haven't been eating correctly, I attempted suicide, I'm having nightmares, I'm self...
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    What Did You Eat And Drink Last?

    Yogurt and sparkling water. I've pretty much been on a yogurt mono for a week.
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    I can't handle my depression cycles

    Hello. I've been diagnosed with depression, except it goes like this: I will be depressed for a one month minimum, feel okay for six days to a week, and then be depressed for a month again. I'm really, really upset with myself for giving the hope that maybe my antidepressants worked this time. I...
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    Core Beliefs & Counters

    My biggest core belief is definitely "I'm unlovable." It fits so perfectly into thinking that others only want me around when I have a use, and not because they care about me. Haven't really found a counter since I think, deep down, everyone does things subconsciously or consciously for their...
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    Brushing my teeth is triggering

    I never even considered that. Thanks for mentioning that, I'll start doing that!
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    Brushing my teeth is triggering

    See title. I don't really know how to cope with this, since brushing your teeth is kind of important. I can start to do it and then I'll start panicking when I've barely cleaned my teeth. Anyone else? Any advice?
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    Sufferer Hello! Diagnosed with PTSD in late July.

    Hi everyone! I'm Ericcy, and I was diagnosed with PTSD and depression in late July. With some medication, my depression is (mostly) fixed, but my PTSD is a lot more noticeable as a result. I don't have the numbing effect of depression. Being triggered makes it hard for me to do anything, and...