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    Sexual Assault Anyone else with this trigger?

    Last week my 5yo let out this guttural scream because she was angry with me for getting rid of her food she didn't want. As soon as she started screaming, I felt intense vaginal pain. I told my T about it last session, brushed it off as "maybe it's nothing". She said it's definitely not...
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    Sexual Assault What do you think happened?

    Fifteen years ago, a teenage girl is told by her drug addicted mother one day after school that she must go and babysit for a stranger one night: a woman, a nurse, who has two toddler boys. The young girl is used to taking care of other people's children, so doesn't really mind since it's a...
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    Tre (trauma release exercise) question

    Question for anyone who is still doing TRE: A member from a different support site mentioned that doing TRE sometimes caused her to react with kicks and punches, self-defense movements. I have found that sometimes after tremoring for a minute or two... body will position itself in such a...
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    Abuser Still Unknown

    I have had what I suppose are sudden intrusive memories and one actual terrifying flashback of a childhood assault. I've seen body parts and the actual trauma itself, but I've yet to be able to see the guy's face. I can think of some suspects based on circumstantial evidence but my brain has yet...