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  1. Wendell_R

    Virtual/Video/Telehealth Sessions

    I know there are lots and lots of therapists switching to virtual sessions during the pandemic. I expect after this is over, virtual sessions will be popular, especially in under-served areas. But I also know that the idea of virtual sessions really scared me and doing the sessions has been a...
  2. Wendell_R

    DID First experiences of unification

    Twice in the past few weeks I have had an inkling of what it's like to be unified. My most confident and at-ease part, Lady, was present. I had a sense that all my other parts were in my mind and body at once. I could sense all their unique voices being in one place at once. In one sense, my...
  3. Wendell_R

    Do your parts dream?

    I realized today that I'm never aware of my emotional parts dreaming. Certainly they come out at night, and I often wake up with a pain in my stomach or a fright that's related to some internal conflict. In fact, night-time is when I often have the strongest intrusions (I find it hard to...
  4. Wendell_R

    Introduce your stuffed animals

    So, who has a stuffed animal or two, and what can you tell us about them? My Little Guys have three stuffed animals that they adore. Momee (pronounced "Moe-May"). Momee lives in a bag in my office, under my desk, and comes with us to therapy sessions. At some point in the next few months, I...
  5. Wendell_R

    Do you get afraid of seeing your therapist?

    My therapist usually runs a few minutes late. That hasn't been a problem, because she ends a few minutes late. But now she shares an office and we need to end before the next appointment. I am afraid of seeing her today because I want to have my full session time, but asking women for things...