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    Both of us have this.

    Within days from each other my significant other and I both got diagnosed with PTSD. We both possibly have ADHD, and I have bipolar disorder. It’s kind of a relief. The diagnosis. He’s deployed. It’s been a rough road. I love him but it seems like we’re not connecting right now. It’s hard to...
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    Relationship He’s pushing me away

    He pushes me away constantly lately. He deploys shortly for his 6th deployment soon. I’m trying to stay strong but the pushing away is wearing me down. We will be good one week and the next week he’s nit picking all my faults, doing distructive behavior, and just not sure where I stand with him...
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    Relationship Defensiveness

    Why is my partner with PSTD defensive a majority of the time? I feel like I have to walk on egg shells in the way I communicate or he will perceive my communication as a threat. He says I’m starting to give up but the thing is I just don’t want to rock the boat. I’m starting to feel like I can’t...
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    General Reckless behavior

    My man is slowly breaking down. I’ve patiently waited for him to get the much needed help he needs. Which he gets very soon.. thankfully. However, he’s barely hanging on in the mean time. He got two speeding tickets just a week apart from each other. He almost went to jail with the second one...
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    General Communication

    Is it common for your husband with ptsd to not want to communicate? Mine won’t tell me little and big things. It’s hard to build trust with him. He says I want to know everything but he keeps so much from me. I feel like he does it to avoid connecting. I need support.
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    What do you need when you pull away or are isolating?

    The man I care about has not told me straight up that he has ptsd. However, because of my Psychology background I see the symptoms. He has been deployed. He has nightmares, is moody, is distant, has a hard time connecting and is drinking quite a bit. We got into an argument because he was...