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    Undiagnosed Undiagnosed CPTSD but feel I fit some of the criteria

    29 year old male. Had a really happy, safe, and secure upbringing from a loving home. Then when I went into high school I quickly became known as the 'school clown', and not in a good way. The whole school of 700 students knew me, and it wasn't long until I couldn't go anywhere in my school...
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    Friendships which don't feel right at all, and feel completely against my identity.

    29 year old male. I have never been diagnosed with CTPSD but I have read about it and can relate to much of it. I don't want to write loads about my background, but anxiety, OCD, social anxiety, insomnia, and a fragmented identity have been central to my life. Any ways, my issue is that I have...