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    Help me sleep

    I'm trying to find soothing videos to watch, like someone working on a piece of wood on a lathe for 40 minutes. Or some small scale train layout. Something that catches your attention, with very little noises but gets you mesmerized.
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    Where do i begin?

    I joined a few weeks ago, haven't posted. The world is all over the place, masks/no masks....anti-shot/pro-shot.... like we (diagnosd with CPTSD need more? lol) How do you people do it? How do you deal with things on a daily basis, regadless of your personal stances on masks/jabs. Not what I...
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    Help me sleep

    Have you tried any sleep meditations on youtube? guided meditations? I have tons I can send you or link you to. ex.
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    Sufferer Just sayin' hi

    HI everyone new here. Thought it'd be about time I stick around people with something we have in common.