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    Making ADA requests

    Hi justmehere, I'm sorry. I was a group benefit insurance consultant before going on disability. Your ability to earn income is you most important asset. I know it's distressing. You don't want to end up in a financially difficult position by withdrawing your request or by quitting. Hold onto...
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    My HR Shared My Medical Information with Other Staff

    Hi justmehere, I'm sorry. I was a group insurance consultant before going on disability. Your ability to earn income is your most important asset. Don't put yourself in a financially difficult position by quiting or withdrawing your request. Keep records of the emails. Insist on having...
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    The Truth: How I spend my day

    Thanks Joeylittle. That was reassuring, especially when you said, "symptoms can be so strong that they can't be 'muscled through' - they can't be willed away." It is strange for something intangible to have so much agency over my life. I did share this with my doctor who passed it on to my...
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    Am in Hell

    I want to add one more thing to help clear out the words of you're therapist. I was 4 years old when I was first sexual abused. I must have been one heck of a sinner. I Promise it gets better.
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    Am in Hell

    Silent000, It's important to practice self-care more now than ever. I'm a spiritual person with a scientific mind and It sounds like you have religious beliefs, or, maybe you don't. So like me share two things with you that made me feel 3% better. Archbishop Desmond Tutu is great friends with...
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    The Truth: How I spend my day

    Thank you for the complement. I will share.
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    My Accomplishments

    ACHIEVEMENT: ·—·—·—·—·—·—·—·—·—·—·—·— • I joined this PTSD support group • I only eat organic meats, fruits and vegetable. • I'm maintaining the weight I lost. • I reached out to an old friend. • I make time for therapy. • I spoke with my mother about PTSD. She was the last person to know. •...
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    The Truth: How I spend my day

    Hey everyone, I haven't posted in a while and I want to share something that I've been too terrified to tell my doctors or my insurance carrier. I'm scared if I'm honest about how I spend me day I'll either loose my finance support or end up hospitalized and loose my autonomy. So here is the...
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    Depression and body aches

    Yeah. Multiple forms of self-care. Rest and digest, yoga to help with armoring (muscle tension defense mechanism), mediation to reduce stress and CBT to help the inner critic become kinder.
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    Sufferer Pain and anger

    Hey Silent000, Anger is a good start. It's going to be okay.
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    I left my family Christmas

    Happy holidays everyone. I don't know what to write. I feel like I'm not supposed to say anything. Does anyone else feel like a burden when they speak? I was home for Christmas. I took the train home with my brother to see my mother. My brother and I took on the project of trying to put up my...
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    Painful Suicidal Ideation

    You're not alone. I'm with in this camp. My biggest turning point was realizing I went through something torturous. This is how I'm supposed to feel. I have a right to feel as bad as I do in this moment. I'm not supposed to be happy about having my childhood taken from me. How you feel is common...
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    Relationship Recently started dating girl with PTSD and Chronic Depression and I feel lost in what to do

    Hello Dutchfriend, Love from Canada. That was a good vent. I bet it felt good to let out some steam. Let me start by saying it sounds like you have a big heart and you're no stranger to pain. It's awesome you two fell for each other so quickly because it's very rare. I'd like to offer a...
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    A life once filled with joy is now 100% without joy or interest in anything

    I know exactly what you mean about the negative pressure vacuum that replaced joy. It sucks in negativity and anxiety. If I've felt joy or had interests, I can't remember them. What I've observed in others is that joy is in the moment, external, a preferential sense and related to a verb like...
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    Were these genuine flashbacks or something else?

    Hey, I hope you're well. I was sexual abused as a child. So, I can relate. I just want to offer support. Minus the physical sensations, I sometimes feel the way you described when I'm, for lack of a better word, triggered. It's just feels different than the adrenaline fuel flashbacks. I also...
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    Sufferer I'm New - Having trouble Grounding

    Thanks Friday. This is thoughtful. I like the idea is thinking of it as a game and taking the two-pronged approach of blowing-off/burning off. It's an new perspective. I really appreciate this. I'll let you know my time. RussellSue, All of you gave me so much help and support so quickly that it...
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    Sufferer I'm New - Having trouble Grounding

    These sound fantastic. Thank you for sharing. I'll let you know how they work. Thanks. I appreciate this.
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    Grounding memories

    Hey everyone, I'm moved by how quick, caring, and helpful your responses have been. I found the right place. Thank you so much.
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    Sufferer I'm New - Having trouble Grounding

    Hi everybody, My name is Chris. I'm new here and looking for guidance from others that have had success on their journey to recovery. Three years ago before my 30th birthday the flashbacks began. I had a traumatic childhood. I only remember fragments of my life. I know I was sexually abused...